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Advice needed

Posted (edited)

Hi guys so ive somehow started this crazy cocktail grow dont ask why or how but ive got a 4x4 tent with 6 plants inside 2 plants are in 20l airpots 3 plants are in 16l fabric pots and one is in a 10l fabric . So here where it get abit crazy they are a mixture of auto flowers and photos. The good thing i have going for me is that the autos are all the same strain and will flower at the same time so im hoping i can somehow make this work with the photos in regards to harvesting at the same time . Ok so the strain im growing are AUTOS: x3 pyramid white widow

PHOTOS: white label purple bud 

seedstockers super skink 

and zkittles (cant remember breeder name )

anyway i know its going to be quite a tight fit considering most these strains are big yielders but i think i can make it work if not i have a shed i can move a plant or 2 to .


so my question is about my lighting i have an adjustable lumii black 600w hps 

a niello 600w cree cob / led 

and a 900w phlizon led full spectrum . I am trying to avoid using the hps because i cant afford an air conditioning unit for my tent and temps get too high. But with the 600 cob and the 900 led would i have sufficient lighting for this grow ? Any advice would be great thanks 


ps i know these led lights dont put out no where near the wattage they say in the name hence why im using 2 

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Posted (edited)

Crazy is the word mate :thumbdown: 

id ditch the leds if you have adequate extraction and stick the hps in and run it at night when it's coolest. 

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