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Couple of sick plants - help please



I'm fairly new to growing, I've produced a few autos getting 1.5oz per plant which is fairly decent, although I've not done much other than water them when needed, so beginners luck probably. I've now tried my hand at a few photoperiods and while I've been away on holiday (my friend was looking after the plants) I've come back to a few problems and I'm not sure what's gone wrong or what to do.

Sadly, while I was away one of the plants succumbed to whatever went wrong and died, it had complete chlorosis and all leaves went white.


1 plant I have left is doing semi-okay, but the other is struggling, the buds aren't fattening as expected. :unsure:


Soil pH is 7.5, which I understand not to be optimal but the plant should still get nutrients okay.


They were vegging about 9 weeks and have been in flower now for about 4. I'm using Westlands with john innes and biobizz nutes, although I haven't used them much as the soil seems to last a long time. I've also sprayed once a few days ago with an epsom salt solution as per some other threads here, but to no avail.


Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


The below are the worst affected plants needing the most help.




Below is the plant that's doing better than the above, but still has issues.



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Looks overwatered to me mate, being responsible for that condition myself more than a few times lol 

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Just now, Green demon said:

Looks overwatered to me mate, being responsible for that condition myself more than a few times lol 


Would explain a lot as chances are my mate would have utterly drowned it even though I told him to use the meter to check, it was soaking when I returned home, but I've watered it a couple of times once it got into the dry section of my water meter and the crispiness has progressed further :(

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Overwatering has locked out some nutes, those leaves affected will not recover so might as well take them off, get onto a proper wet/dry cycle and they should recover

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Cheers - I'll get them back on track :)

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