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Wiring up RVK 100E2 Sileo 4inch

Hi everyone.

So, I'm a bit worried about running these fans 24/7 incase the wiring isnt right.

I bought the following:

• 2 x RVK Sileo 100E2 G.A.S 4inch fan.

It says it runs at 230v, 0.171A, 50hz, and 0 029kw.


• 2 Core Flat Cables from Wickes, suitable for lamps and small appliances.

No earth wire and has a maximum rating of 240Volts = 3amps. (720 watts)


• A standard 3 amp plug with an earth terminal.


I cut the wire, threw on the plug minus the earth, and threw on the other end of the fan. They both work. :)


So, my question is, and it would be great to hear from any electricians, is this setup safe?

I know some run at 6amp, even higher, and the lower the number of amps the less volts required to trip it.

Is the plug okay to use without an earth?


Basically, what's the chances of coming home to the fire brigade?

I believe there's some things you don't mess with, one is electrics and another is fitting a gas cooker. I'll have a crack at most things, but I think the risks outweigh saving a few on a sparky or gas fitter.

I decided because it didn't need an earth, and I saw other posts on how to wire them, it would be worth a shot and in the safety zone. Lol.


Thanks :)

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I just did mine yesterday exactly the same way. It's fine. I'm using a swiftair controller which slows it down to a very quiet operating level indeed. £20 on eBay. 

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When calculating fuses you take the amps (W/V) and multiply by 1.25 and use the next fuse up. 

(This doesn’t apply to lights, due to initial surge.)

Your cable seems to be rated ok too.

Cable is usually specced by diameter though. For fans you’d want 0.75mm or higher. 

Screwfix sell small lengths for cheap.

Earth is not required because it’s plastic.


But your setup is safe.



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Posted (edited)

Thank you for the replies, and thank you @MidlandGrowfor the maths bit, that's something worth knowing.

The 2 core is 0.5mm. 


Edited by CBDevious

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The “Flat” wire you are using is likely designed for ‘strappers’ on a two way/intermediate lighting circuit. Nothing wrong with using this but bear in mind that the sheathing can go brittle after time exposed to light heat moisture etc, and it just looks naff unless it’s in some kind of containment.


A better choice would be a flexible cable ie ‘lighting flex” (same stuff that a light pendant would hang from a ceiling rose) which has a better rating and a slightly tougher exterior giving more mechanical protection.


Either way these fans use very little current for what they do.


*key thing to avoid fire, Make sure your terminals are tight!!



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