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humidity far too high, any advice?

hello, im just in from a res change and realised that my humidity is through the roof out there.

I checked the local weather earlier and it was at 90 odd %.

SO I dug out my little 250w 10 litre  dehumidifier, and stuck it in the room which feeds the main grow area room. It worked, during lights off, in that the moisture stopped rolling down the door lol. 

I emptied it after about 4 hrs and it was half full. 

So I decided to put it into the rmain room as the floor was wet with humidity, and I was  sweating within minutes of being in there. 

Now they are just into bloom so its a bit early for budrot, but if things don't improve I reckon they will kick back.

SO to help things ive upped the oscillating fans speeds, and put the fan idle speed on my fan controller up, so there is more airflow through the room. 

My extract fans are directed outside through the soffits/ eaves, but I put a small return into the room for winter weather, just so it wasn't sucking in freezing air. Ive since tightened this outlet, so 90% is going outside.


But its still ridiculous..

Any ideas on what else I can try?


or do I just grin and bear it in the hope the coldr weather returns

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extraction is your best friend here, what are you using?

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8 inch intake and 12 inch out take. its a 12 inch rvk and rhino pro 1 metre filter.

I cant put them to full tilt, because, well, because I have neighbours lol. , but I have them running at 80% s when the temp goes abouve 28 and have them idling at about 40%Both run off variac controller. 

I could up the idle speed to say 60-70% at a push. 


I wil try that, thanks for your help mate.

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you can get away with just the extraction fan if you open some passive holes, km's of atmosphere above your grow room will ensure that the room is just fine for Air, nature abhors a vacuum. 


How are you connected to the eaves? Have a look at this maybe if you don't think it is getting out properly


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