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Got some old Canna Nutes?

If, like me, you were given or bought some Canna nutes in the past decade and didn't get around to using them and you are wondering "Can I use old Canna nutes on a grow?" then the answer, in my experience is yes.


I had the full range in a box in the loft that I had forgotten about from 10 years ago and only rediscovered when I decided to try a coco grow (I usually tried mudl). So it turns out the A&B were fine, giving me the healthiest looking plants I've ever grown. I am 3 days into flushing and no sign of yellowing yet (and I had to remove a load of leaves because I had way too many). PK14/14 was fine, not sure about ryzatonic or cannazym but I used them a bit during veg anyway. Boost - nah, it turned all gloopy like there was yeast growing in it. I used it once and decided against it.


All of them were already unsealed BTW, and were kept in the loft so have gone through a few extremes of temperature. The chemicals must be pretty stable is my conclusion. Of course, I'd recommend you use yours as soon as possible after opening and store them in a cool, dry location however :)


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is good to know, i'm in a soft water area bought some hard water nutes over 2 years ago, was thinking of using it adding calmag.

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