Jibbas pot of Ogkz

Jibba jabba
By Jibba jabba in Humboldt Seed Organisations 2019 Pot Noodle Challenge,
Alright there Uk420.   Firstly thanks @HSO-Mark and all at Hso for-running the competition again this year and the chance to have a bit of fun for all that enter.   This  year I didn’t need to wait for the seeds to arrive as I already had a few left over from the last grow that I completed, so I decided to crack on and get one of them wet, and what do you know 24 hours later I have a healthy looking nibbler, which I am glad about as last year it took a few more attempts for me to even get one started.I lost count to be honest.   One down one up, just how I like it.     Currently residing in a plastic party cup 50/50 coco mud mix.   Oh and yes King pot shall be used, so I’ll be expecting at least 114g from the crop.   I just hope that the King approves So without further ado let’s the pot noodling commence.   Take it easy.Jj
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