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Mr. International

NL#5 x Haze questions

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1 minute ago, Grover Sativa said:

The Cheese?

No. been there and done that.:skin_up:

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On 1/14/2020 at 7:02 PM, Dirk_Diggler147 said:

Just cracked some NL #5 x Haze, but after reading this feel a little underwhelmed...



I wouldn't if I were you mate. It'll be hands sown better than any dealer weed you have to part hard earned money for and you can never tell with these things. You might get one killer plant out of the four whereas another person might get four average plants. I would be very surprised if they're not better than average. No need to feel like you have kopped shit plants.

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On 20/01/2020 at 1:57 PM, Grover Sativa said:

Not according to Nevil, you can't. I believe him over you.


The last time I had a conversation with him (and they were all hard work) he told me that he would not use the modern Super Silver Haze or Neville's Haze as the parents have drifted and the offspring were no longer guaranteed.


Perhaps it is possible to maintain a plant that long but it is surely unlikely and how would you know it had not drifted? You must rely on your 'sepia tinged' memory of the smoke from decades ago to be sure..


The trouble with Nevil was that he was not a plain speaker and it may have been that he knew something else about the parent plants Shanti was using for those lines and just said that they had drifted. We shall never know now but I will take him at his word as I have no reason not to and now that he is gone so is his knowledge. Damn shame even if he was a pain in the arse. God Rest His Soul.

I made some searches about that and I was wrong indeed. As Cannabis is not perennial, internal cells tends to degrade over time and same would obviously happen to clone you might make since they will have the same age. Sorry for my mistake.


Maybe potency and terpenes profile wouldn't be impacted, but it seems they would struggle to survive altogether.


Quote from here:




Many of the plants gardeners grow are annuals—plants that complete their life cycles, from germination to the production of seed, within one year. Keeping annuals as mother plants for extended periods of time can result in less robust cuttings that are more susceptible to diseases.

As plants grow, they keep track of their cellular age with an internal clock based on their circadian rhythms. As plant cells age, they naturally become less efficient as their proteins and DNA break down. The breakdown of proteins and DNA is a slow process with little impacts early on, but the older the cells get, the greater the cumulative effect this degradation has. Eventually, it decreases the likelihood that an organism, especially a clone, will survive.

While a mother plant may make an excellent donor for the first year or two, eventually it will experience enough cellular degradation that the survival rate of the cuttings will be greatly decreased.



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