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Autos vs photos

Hi people autos vs photos I'm pretty ignorant towards autos they just don't appeal to me but they seem really popular and I honestly can't see any other reason apart from time. 

If you had auto ww and photo ww would taste give up the auto?

I always think like ..risk vs reward high risk high reward 

But autos seem to me high risk for average reward? 

I don't think faster flowering times outweigh the cons that come with them?

What makes you buy them?

Not fishing for an argument but some blood is always interesting lol

Opinions please 

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I grew autos a few times for a couple of reasons


1. Heat - the light being on 18 hours a day helped keep the tent at the right temp in winter, summer not so much.


2. Easy to do - my first few grows I couldn't get the timing right with flipping to 12/12 and ended up with monsters, autos just meant put in soil and leave for 10 weeks.


3. Space - I only had a 60x60x170 tent so the smallness of autos appealed to me, as did the low maintenance.


I had a couple of good grows getting ace results and a few mixed. They are great if everything is working well, esp at the start, but when things go wrong they don't bounce back. 


Now I've got a bit more experience and better space photos make more sense.


I also blame @Serpent, his pinned guide convinced me to give them a go when I returned to ditching the dealer.



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Nothing wrong with autos IMO, once upon a time they were shit, sorry not going to water that down as they really were awful back in they're early days.


But over the last ten years or so they've come along way, and I've had a few autos that'll show some ordinary photoperiod strains how to get you stoned. Something I think a new grower should be aware of though is they're strain names can be misleading. 


The strains we grow in regular / fem have to be crossed with an unknown Ruderalis, meaning there is at the very least a 50% chance the strain your looking for will not be present / dominant in the seeds you buy. I believe its usually the male that's the Ruderalis, and the mother has / does have some reworking done for autos specifically to give the resulting seeds a higher chance of showing at least a majority of the genetics you may see in its name.


But this isn't a bad thing, it means is with autos growers might do well to search for something they like or has a good reputation from other growers rather than just looking at the names. 


There are exceptions though, some of the better breeders known for Autos can actually get a very close copy of they're original strain in auto form. An example I have grown personally is Sweet Seeds Cream Caramel Auto. The fem version is very close to the auto version and both are just body melting and tbh I actually prefer the flavour of the auto, its very much CC but with a unique twist. 


If a grower goes down market with autos and grows them poorly then shame on them and the finished buds are a result of they're own doing. But if you buy well crossed seeds and follow a little auto growing knowledge you'll get buds on par with most average fems. 


I do prefer regulars / fems, I still think that photperiod hold better quality / potency in the right hands and its not surprising as Ruderalis is part of the genetics of autos and isn't exactly know for its potency, but compared to what most little hooded street rats have been selling on the streets for the last 20 years a well grown auto is much better.

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Posted (edited)

I agree with all of the above.


Also, just to throw in there, for a medical patient that need a weed fast, I'm still waiting for someone to show me an 80x80 tent with photos that can produce 500g in 10 weeks and 750g in 16 weeks and never growing more than 3 plants at once.


Risk vs reward can be viewed how you want it but i figured once upon a time that they offered maximum reward with the least risk. They were the most efficient way to grow.


I gotta run a hell of a set up to keep up with that running photos and plant number that aren't to everyone's cup of tea.


I've always got over 30 plants on the go these days anyway so I've given up on worrying about the risk. Just innit for the reward and fuck the fear

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8 hours ago, 3potheads said:

I also blame @Serpent, his pinned guide convinced me to give them a go when I returned to ditching the dealer.


lol Sorry @3potheads


Just to add it's all personal preference and what works for you and your set up. I've grown photos and autos of the same strain, stands outs were the Sweet Seeds Cream Caramel and G13 Labs Pineapple Express as there's wasn't a lot between the auto/photo in terms of yield and stoned, but that was under a 250w, a bigger set up might be different.


And the old argument that you can't take cuts from autos can rear its head, but I don't have a separate area to keep a mother plant alive, plus I like to try different genetics so it's not an issue for me. You also have to think, what's the cost of keeping a mother plant alive or running a separate set up for cuts vs buying a pack of seeds, if you've a small set up, there's probably not a lot in it.

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I know lowryder very well I think that's where my bias comes from they're starting to make a lot more sense to me now though after a few opinions. And I'd be lying if I said I havnt seen a few monsters on here 

Not for me but might attempt 1 anyway see how it goes. 



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Whilst I prefer regs, I think autos can have a place in many folks grow. I like them in the summer outside when it's too hot for my tent. I can generally get a quickish crop in and can try several different varieties as I am not bothered with uniform growth patterns. I do have 20 acres to hide them, so that's an advantage....

As greenvision stated, years ago they were very poor. I had seeds that flowered immediately so one toke off a £5 seed! But over the years they have improved massively.

Outside I can sometimes get a good weight off plants and I have grown some monsters inside.

My take on the smoke is generally I prefer regs. I find autos produce less vape in general with the regs lasting longer. But often taste profile and high is good and if the vape doesn't last as long, well, nothing to stop me refilling!

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House inspections every three months.  Autos fit in that slot nicely with a bit of room to manoeuvre if needed.  I also couldn't sync the dark period with my rotating working hours.  With autos it's not an issue. 

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