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Calm it down!

Just picked up two ready to go vape carts.. 


Gorilla Glue and Blue Dream. 


Just tried the GG, and shit can't move... Hits like a train. 


Is there a way to try and calm it down lol... Some say just take one hit, but even then don't get chance to enjoy the journey, just bang and off my tits. 


I'm using a small eleaf vape on 3.3 v.. Would I be better off trying to find a lower voltage vape, or can I mix the cart oil with something? I was looking at cbd carts, and finding a way to go 50:50 mix, would that work, the oil looks very sticky, so not sure how I could get this out. 



Would really welcome some help for a lightweight lol



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If one puff is too much just have smaller puff.

Its not rocket science. 


I wish I could get stoned with half a puff, I'd only have to do one grow a decade lol

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Good shout, but annoying to have to sip, when you want to swig, so to speak. 


That is why I was trying to find a way to dilute it... 

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Duplicate post 

Edited by mrfunk

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i think GG was bred(or found if it was clone only??) for that very purpose....KO....prob not the right strain for you......:yinyang:

Edited by grotbags
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Thanks, Yeah was thinking that...  The other one is called blue blast, but yet to try it. Was labeled as indica, don't think that's correct.. According to leafly. 


The other choice to purchase is Frankenstein.... 


I suppose my main question is now, what's the lowest voltage that these carts will work at? Also at a lower temp, do you get  different effect.. 

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