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Deficiencies in hydo / "off" nutes ?

Current grow (WW femmed, 600W DWC Vitalink nutes) seems to be showing all the signs of a deficiency - at a guess Nitrogen from looking at pics.


pH seems good (6.2), and EC was up to 1.9


Are such deficiencies (a) possible and (b) common in hydro ? Surely the whole point of hydro is it's balanced ?


I did buy 5L of nutes ages ago (at least 4 years) and am using those. Can nutes deteriorate over time ?


As always thanks in advance.

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Have you calibrated your PH testing gear? I know it sounds odd but I keep seeing it come up. It was a mistake I made myself on my first RDWC grow. About 3 weeks back there was a topic very similar, I suggested calibrating the PH gear to the chap that was asking. It turned out it was well out of sync, if memory serves it was about 0.7 off. 


That EC is quite high as well mate, even in mid bloom 1.9 would be quite a stretch, maybe if your hard water and using hard water nutrients 1.9 with the right strain may be acceptable but as a general rule of thumb 1.9 is on the high side.


So if your getting signs of deficiencies with an EC that high I would start to look at your measurements being incorrect. 


And I do believe Nutrients have a use by date, I cant say for sure if they do go bad, but your right to mention it as this could indeed be the issue if they do in fact go "Off". Hopefully someone with experience can say for sure if they do or not.  

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when you say hydro, what type of hydro system are you using, because the feed levels will be dependant on this?

coco, Wilma  and say rdwc require  vastly different levels of feed.

you also need to tell us what stage they are at? veg, bloom, what.

And deficiency wise, a pic would help?


I sound like a moaning twat, but otherwise its just a guessing game.

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Thanks for all the replies :)


I think nutes are still OK - liquid and no scale.


I'm in DWC.


Have got to the flushing stage now, so it's all a little academic. Overall we've been very disappointed with this grow, compared to the last two. But I think letting the lamp go too long caused a stretch in flowering that has been the real problem. Plant kept on stretching into the lampspace (had to snip a few times, and still have a crispy top :( ) However still have some larger colas and not too much popcorn, so it should be a worthwhile harvest.


Added bonus is it seems I was a tad pessimistic in assessing how much "stock" we have ... which means we might be a little closer to my aim of stopping growing for a year so we can decorate and do some straightening up - maybe even use the grow room as a spare bedroom for a bit :)



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Posted (edited)

Your EC should be around 0.9 - 1.2 max really in peak of flower on DWC (I nearly always encounter over fertilising higher than 1.1 tbf). PH should be swung for optimum nutrient uptake.. You are completely cutting off phosphorus at 6.2:



Correct that and you should see quite a difference ;) 

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