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Is it only AN who make ph perfect nutes?

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Mines 0.6 ec min out the tap.Its been a while since ive  thought about this but what defines hard or soft.@golf.007 id have thought yours was soft with a low ec or am I totally losing it.


I always use hard water coco food..

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Alkalinity = the ability to buffer acids = dissolved minerals (~=EC when talking about tap water). Water companies present hardness in calcium carbonate concentration (equivalent I think, meaning it could actually be made up of other minerals, mostly carbonates, but CaCO3 is the most abundant).


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im from scotland and had absolute nightmare with growing in coco as my water is pretty pure from the tap with nothing in it doesnt register on the ec stick 


AN sensi coco was brilliant for me as it not only balanced the ph perfect but is also made for RO water kinda like mine from the tap


fck all there add on products tho


my mate uses growers ark nutes and his results are good also with no need to alter ph

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