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Resident billionaire arrested in Caribbean cannabis find





St Kitts seize £1 million-worth of 'hemp' on private jet

A billionaire resident of the Isle of Man has been detained on a Caribbean island after being charged with drugs smuggling.

According to a report in the Daily Express, Alki David of the Leventis family, was stopped at customs in St Kitts after an estimated 5,000 cannabis plants were 'found' in his private jet.

However a spokesperson on behalf of Mr David has told Manx Radio the authorities were informed of this prior to landing and that the cargo was 'pure hemp', the legal and non-psychoactive strain of the plant.

It is believed the crop was intended for a new venture in the Caribbean for his SwissX company which specialises in CBD medicines.  

The Leventis family, who are worth £4.6 billion following a merger with Coca-Cola, now run the largest bottling operation in Europe.

Although based in London, a company by the name of Leventis Overseas Limited is registered to an office on the first floor of the Jubilee Buildings on Victoria Street.  

It was incorporated in 1966 and is engages in the logistics with a manufacturing operation based in West Africa.

Cash bail of $30,000 has been paid, and he is due to appear in court tomorrow.

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Posted (edited)

If it turns put this chap has broken no laws, he's plants were bound for medicinal purposes only, and he had followed protocol correctly, I'd hire the best legal firm the world had to offer and take those chaps to court for every single thing that law firm could think of. 


Most other articles are now saying it was only CBD based plants as well, and that the law was informed prior to them arriving.


Just seems odd to me that a chap as well off as him would accompany a huge shipment of Cannabis into a country its more than illegal. Would he send there illegally yh', but I don't think he'd ride along just for sake of it. He's a billionaire not a mule. Don't make sense to me at all, I think it was arranged and the law got involved for the fun of it. 



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he was obviously not happy with the deal on offer and the talks broke down so he decided to leave, interesting see how it plays out

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