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"High" from the NW

Hi there from the sun soaked costa del North West. ;)


Very casual user here, tried my first smoke at a festival a couple of years back. Never smoked cigs before, but wanted to be able to chill. 


Since then only had the chance a couple of times, with mates or at other festivals. Never known anybody local to buy from, and never even considered growing my own. Given I can’t roll (don’t laugh, haha!), I was buying the odd few pre-rolled from darknet.


Festival season is upon us again, and after all of the takedowns I couldn’t find an online source for any pre-rolled, so bit the bullet and ordered a few grams of bud. The plan was to order some ready rolled cones to fill, but when my goodies arrived I got a lungful of the beautiful dankness and couldn’t wait, haha! So picked up some papers and roach from a local cheap shop and decided to have a go.


The end result was…interesting. Fella’s, think what happens when you’re in the throws of passion and then the most unflattering sight meets your eyes, and everything droops somewhat, haha! It wasn’t pretty, and it didn’t smoke well, but it was my first ever attempt and it got me high :D


Picked up a little rolling machine gadget yesterday and rolled myself another last night, it was a little tight but burnt well so a massive improvement. Have been breaking it up by hand, so next on the shopping list is a grinder. I’m away partying next week, so need to get a bit of practise in and hopefully pre-roll myself a few to take so I’m not left fumbling in an inebriated state lol.


Wouldn’t mind having a go at vaping, possibly the next step.


Enjoy whatever you’re smoking today folks. ;)

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Welcome :) 

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mate if you aren't a smoker and can't roll anyway, give your chest a break and buy a vaporizer, a portable like the Pax 2 or 3 will be sound for festivals this summer

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