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Cream of the Crop - April 2019

Cream of the Crop - April 2019    143 members have voted

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Cant  believe I got another shot in cream of the crop.  Plot 2 far gets my vote!

All I'd say is dont feel you need a super camera and all the kit to get on here.  I do it all on an inexpensive mobile phone.

You can too.  Thanks for the inclusion folks.  It's an honour.



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Can I also say, given the shit journalism and media bullshit cannabis has a bad name.  Funny thing is a bee can kill me but cannabis cant.  The bee is more deadly than the weed in every case.  Not just mine.   It's a plot 2 far for me.

I'll aspire to a nice outdoor shot this year I just hope it's not my feckin EpiPen.

Note to self. Remember.

Thanks @Plot 2 far

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Good Job Plot 2 far you get my vote this month


When the trichomes look like the sugar on a 3 month old Royal Jelly sweet from out of a box, I'm impressed. 



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It’s a honey of a picture from @Plot 2 far  looks lovely. GGing is part luck, part hard graft so nice to see a winner. 

By the way, be rude not to ask ; What strain, mould res and when did it finish ? 

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