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Auto gorilla

RGS auto lemonade OG

I’m New to the forum well a returning user been a good few years though. Anyway I'm gonna do a dairy I’ve chosen RGS auto lemonade OG these will be getting done outdoors LAT 51 I’ve got six pips and going down the organic route. Using plant magic’s range to feed them, fingers crossed for some good results lets hope we have a decent summer with plenty of sun. 


Day one

Thought I’d do a side by side experiment regarding pot size/growth/yield rate etc. Soaked all 6 beans in water for 24 hours until they sunk.

One has gone into a 6.5 litre final pot size straight away.

Another has gone into 11litre final pot size the remaining 4 have gone into 0.5 litre pots which they will stay in for 10days and then be potted up into 11litre final pots. 

Awaiting heads to pop up now will keep you all updated. 

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Morning everyone so it’s day 3 and I’ve checked on the beans 6 out of the 6 have popped up :cowboy:  Which is a good start. 

The one in the giffy has been potted into a 11litre this is her final home. 

The one in the 6.5 litre has been put next to the window and the remaining four I’ll leave in the small pots in propagator for around 10days before moving into final pots.  


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This dairy never really got off the ground as I decided to set up a indoor tent so these got moved to a friends back garden 

three got lost in the process but three lady’s survived and have been doing well. Starting to flower nicely now can see two different phenos out the three one looks more Indica which is also flowering quicker than the other two. They all smell really nice and pungent will updated when I get more pictures in a few weeks. large.C5FB9A45-AC8F-4A80-8655-9A307F67F479.jpeglarge.CB5B1E26-96C1-4054-B059-AD33771D8F1A.jpeglarge.6AD7FAAF-D9CB-493D-B917-EBEF57CD85AF.jpeg

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Went round to friends to check on the girls all doing well flowering nicely, they smell really fruity so happy with there progress

there being fed 2ml per litre of oldtimer bloom. One of the phenos looks a little hungry still she’s abit pale. large.B894E1E9-D8AA-4D56-8B1F-28D906785B5E.jpeglarge.4DDB7FD4-ED76-4DD8-A45E-A58740B86A5F.jpeglarge.0845AFA8-398B-4B9D-966A-DA53D7C03461.jpeg

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