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Drying tent advice

Hi my fellow green fingered friends!


I’m trying to plan ahead for the harvest...my ladies have recently gone out into the wild...admittedly harvest is still a few months off.


I am estimating, should everything go to plan and they don’t get ripped or found ill have about somewhere in the region of 100oz. 


Surprisingly in the bounty of info that is this site I could find an estimate of how much bud I could dry successfully in a particular size tent.


Currently I only own a 60x60x60 size tent (no fan or carbon filter) for starting off the ladies for a few weeks before going into the wild, so I can’t imagine that will be of much use.


My question is whats the best setup for a dedicated drying tent? I’ll happily get a dedicated tent, fan and filter to avoid any smell and not put my liberty at risk, however if someone could advise me the size tent I’m likely to require and the size fan and filter please?


As I’m running 6 different strains I’m aware they won’t all finish at the same time, but I’d rather err on the side of caution and have a big enough tent just in case.


another thread suggested a 4inch fan for extraction into a carbon filter would be best - anything more may dry out the bud too quickly, however there were no specifics on the size of that harvest, so I can’t be sure that will apply.


If anyone could recommend a particular brand of fan or filter and the appropriate size, I would be grateful.


Hopefully I’ll have a bounty to last me years to come...hopefully! It’s all down to the green gods!


Appreciate the help and advice


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Hi - I can back up the size of the extraction fan point, use as small a fan as possible really. Even a 6 inch turned down onto 50% caused flowers to dry too fast. However I can’t talk for your size, but just aim to have a decent sized area hitting the 60% humidity mark, buy a humidifier and or a dehumid if you need depending on the air where you are, can get necessary on/off % and temp devices on amazon etc.


hope that helps 

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Well for a start you’ll be harvesting over a period of weeks unless they’re all clones of the same strain. I personally use nets and racks. Also I’d advise low humidity for first few days as mould spores will be present, if your going into that much detail.

 A large drying net will hold 15-20 oz dry weight. So something big enough to hold 2 of those will. Suffice. As after a few days when mould risk has decreased you can pack it in tighter freeing up space for move to come in. 


 I’m using 6” extractor dialled down inside a 2x2x1.2 which will hold 2 large nets and a third narrower one if needed. 10” oscillating fan. That simple. 

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Personally I would never place an oscillating fan, or an intake fan of any kind whilst drying. It’ll dry too fast. You want as slow as possible. But I can’t talk for that size. Control your humidity through a de and humidifier and your extraction. Any direct air will crisp it on the outside. 

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To dry 100oz in one go, you're gonna need quite a big tent, like 2.4x1.2m. Or you could get a 1.2x1.2m if you don't mind staggering the harvest.....a 6" fan with a speed controller should be fine for either of those size tents.

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I would have said a 1.2x2.4 as well 

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