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Greenhouse Autos 2019

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Howdy hi campers! 


So bubba kush is fully down, the first buds I got off are dry (some were sun dried) and been curing in a jar, Ive also been smoking it at the weekends. 


Now for me, I just have a bit in a bong, and that does me for a good 5 to 6 hours. I have tingly hands and feet to start and then my head feels like a marshmallow, eyes go that... oriental way :)

And I just want to eat and then fall asleep lol. 

Its like drinking a bottle of wine (or two) without the hangover. 

I ate half a watermelon to myself yesterday! 


All this growing cannabis and trying to hide the smell... what about hiding the stink from smoking the stuff!!???

My partner had a go before me yesterday and it was the first time I smelt it, Ive found I cant really smell it properly once I've smoked it. 


Now for more greenhouse pictures! 

So below is my monster quick kush...



Its taller than me! Im 5ft 7!!

Ive already topped the main stem a few weeks ago which I think has helped the other branches to catch up. There are a couple of pale leaves down the bottom, Ive cut a few out.

Continue feeding, started using cal mag, also bio bloom.  I imagine there's little nutrient wise left in the soil its in, its quite a small pot for the size of it now. 

And its starting to flower!!!




This lovely looking plant below is the clone of quick kush, its been topped which has resulted in the two main stems you can see.




It too has started to flower, although its a little behind its mother.



I still have the other clone, but its still in a little 1l pot so its still a little nipper. 

I think Ive got enough without it.


Peace out










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Great job @Redrum3

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Hi troops! 


Soo... apologies for being a lazy cow, not posted for a few weeks, I went on holiday for a week, was the last of the summer sun in Devon, was fantastic. Actually took a mini bong with me and had some on the beach!  Bliss! 


Now before I left I done my best to feed the plants well to tide them over, especially the original quick kush. 

The following pictures are what I came back to.... 




My first reaction...

*roll eyes* "aawwww ffs, look at it! "


I cut back all the dead leaves, I even decided to chop a branch off. Ive saved the top bud which is now hung up drying in a cupboard. 


For the mouldy bits, I tried lemon juice on a bit kitchen roll to wipe it off, thinking the low pH would stop it but the mould came back. 


Now this quick kush was my first ever germinated seed and bless its gorgeous buds, its put up with alot of experimental newbie stuff.  With that in mind I decided to use something a little stronger to help with the mould...   Milton sterilisation liquid !

  Obviously diluted and wiped on with kitchen towel to the affected areas. 


And its worked a treat....  so far.


I suppose its damaged the branch a little, but it was already with mould so, Id rather the non mould version. 


I was brave enough to do this because the clone from this plant is doing great and is nearly as high.... 




And below is the second clone taken at the same time, but as you may remember I thought it didnt take, and left it to die... its still in the same pot. 




I could do with taking more pics to show you as these are from last week, 

They're all a little taller and buds are nice n thick.  Im sure quick kush is near 6ft. 


Im still on mould alert, checking the buds for any signs, pinching out any suspect areas. Wiping condensation in the greenhouse.  Door open during the day, moving the plants around so they get a fair look at the sun if it ever gets through the cloud! 

The solar fan still works a little when its cloudy, not alot tho.

Im trying to water and feed enough to keep them going without excess run off. 


Wont be long now, maybe 2 weeks... 




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