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New for medicine

Best way to control environment in loft tent

Please move if posted in wrong place

Hi everyone. Been reading on here for a while found a lot of helpful information that’s helped me with my first few attempts. 


Long story short I started growing to help my mum who had terminal cancer with pain relief, fast forward 18 months and I’m now on my 4th grow.  I’m struggling to achieve gpw and think this is down to my environment.  I have a 1.2m bloomroom loft tent. I have a 6 inch outtake with a rhino filter. Currently using passive intake with a bit of ducting from room below. 

Running a 600w hps with dimmable omega ballast. X2 oscillating fans, humidifier for veg. 700w oil filled rad for lights off. My fan is a rhino thermostatic but I don’t think the temp control is very reliable. I’ve been using 11l pots with pure canna coco. Using canna range a and b, rhiz, cannazym, boost and pk. Swapped pk for bloombastic on current grow as advised by someone better than me lol. Watering every 2 days up to 2.5L in flower! 

Don’t seem to be getting the growth I would like in veg and seems to take forever for them to gain size! 


Now for the questions please!

 Do I need an intake fan? If so what size? 

Recommendations on fan controllers for intake outake and heater? Or easiest way to control them all? 

Would I be better doing 9x6.5l? Less veg time? If so would I put them straight under hps from cutting? 


A lot more info to share with you guys if you need any to help me! Sorry to ask so many questions on my first post! 

Thanks in advance 





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You can just rely on passive intake but you'll need an intake when the weather warms up. I use a small 4 in intake and a 5in outlet.


I don't use controllers. I have 2 or 3  3ft oil filled tubes for when it's cold.


I used to use 11 ltr pots but I've gone down to 9 x 3 ltr pots now and they're doing great. I need to water more often as they can dry out quick. Production is the same or better.


This one is in 3 ltr pot, 600w, 1.2 tent. day 49 flower.




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Thanks for your reply mate.

Do you just have your heater on a timer to come on when your lights go off? 

How much you getting per plant in 3L pots? What’s your veg time from clone? 

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I leave heaters and fans on 24/7 as it helps control humidity.


I use a short veg and flower plants at 12 -15 ins max. I get between 35 and 50g per plant. I don't bother about the gpw target. 12 - 14 oz per grow does me fine. I grow a fast finishing hybrid which is 25% sat/75%ind so they don't get too leggy or tall. As soon as I harvest another batch goes straight in. That way I can crop every 8 weeks.



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that’s what im

trying to set up at the moment. I have another smalller tent I would like to get upto a nice size in and then put them in the 1.2. So you leave your heater on the same settings with lights on or off? What are your temps getting to lights on? 

Cheers mate

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Temps in my tent in the cold loft are about 22 -25 in winter. As the 5 inch outlet is running it keeps the heat from building up.


My heaters have no temp controls, they're on or off.


A smaller tent is ideal. I run an old wardrobe with 250 cfl for cuts and seeds and a DR90 with 400 MH for vegging.


I'll edit in a pic of the veg tent. The plants will go upstairs for flowering on Monday.





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