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Pond owners, little help please..

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Common reeds are normally used for waste management.. you could put some in the last pool before the water returns to the pond if doing Aquaponics?.. I have no idea if your pond is over stocked but if you do want to add more fish then pumping the water through a reed bed and back into the pond or an Aquaponics bed would allow higher numbers of fish than normally recommend for volume of water :smokin:

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Thanks for all the replies everyone!


I guess i've got some cleaning, building, planting, ordering, spending, plumbing and some other bits to do.. and a plastic heron!

^^ that sounds pretty much what I have been doing but in the wrong direction. lol


Just how did I get the thing so clean last year doing what I was doing. :unsure: Last year I thought I had it sussed "yeah, i'm a pond owner" now "I have a swamp!". anyways, meh!




I'll slowly sidestep out of the fishing section.. :yes:

Sorry to come in here and ask but they would be dead by the end of the year the way I was going.





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The micros can only help. Just do it. lol

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