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mr samo carnt grow

large.1554628233240999688586.jpglarge.15546281580431320524721.jpglarge.15546282105161996516630.jpglarge.15546282528201690457070.jpglarge.1554628182652843290057.jpghi every one my plants are about a week in and iam worried they are going slow can anyone give me advice about my setup and plants

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looks fine to me mate, no problem there 

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If you are growing Photos then the pots are too big. Fine of you're growing Autos. Start Photos in small pots and pot up when they are root bound. Apart from that they look OK


That LED light is too close. Needs to be at least 18". What are your temps at floor level?  Again this needs to be minimum 20 degrees c. What is RH?

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Hi mate. 


First off, for a week in, they look fine. 

But if you want proper advice on your setup then we’re gonna need some more information! 


What seeds are you growing? The difference between autos and females/regs is quite substantial. If you are growing females or regs then you are in too big a pot and they will spend ages rooting it out before you see any serious growth. 


Also good to know what light you are using. I’m fairly new to LED’s but I recon you might stuggle with that might alone when they are in flower. 


Its also worth listing what nutrients you use (although it’s a bit soon for you to be needing them just yet) and what your temps in the room and roots are. Also. How much water you are feeding them and how often. If people have that information then we can all help you out a lot more which is what this forum is so good for. 


Like I said at the beginning, they look fine so I wouldn’t worry Just yet. Growing is very exciting but playing the waiting game watching your little girls flower into stinking buds tests and tokers patience! 


Good luck with it mate, plenty of people willing to help out here.!

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they are gorilla glue autos and iand using bio biz starter pack although i wont give them any thing till after secound week should i get a hps light for flower or jest another led 

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I use a Quantum board ish288 lm 301b 265w pro 3000k with very good results from start to finish in a 1x1x2 tent.

It cost just 0.03p per hour to run.


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how do i know if i will have enough light when its flowering shall i just get another led to be safe

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