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How to get a nice hit..

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Be wary of the components on the IH driver boards 

I believe some builders are just replacing components without even checking them now, because the failure rate has been so high.


Dynavap have an IH in the works that will be released any day now but if you can't wait that long there's a few sellers on FC and Reddit. I have a couple of Pipes' IH which I whole heartedly recommend and I'm on the list for a Fluxer deluxe as he seems on the ball too.

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Posted (edited)

Good point @Hippie on hill


Can generally keep you mind at some ease checking the polarity + continuity of the diodes and zener diodes.  


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Posted (edited)

Salutations CumbrianGreen,


On 4/6/2019 at 9:51 AM, cumbriangreen said:

...old respiratory system.  ...  ...but still having the more racey trippy vape type high?


Nothing i could access offers an application range so vast it can cover from mythridatism-level microdosing to comatose-grade party-like toking and yet remain suitable enough for asthmatics and such, quite possibly because clean-burning butane converts into H2O + CO2:












Plus potential contaminants depending on external factors.


In any case this is the promise:




Most unfortunately only the inventor Dan Steinberg himself can actually do that due to the precision required, though there are other options available for enthousiast DiY modders with modest tools, for example:






Etc.  INDEPENDENT DUPLICATION followed by PEER REVIEW is most welcome, as always...  :shutup:


As for the DynaVap VapCap i'm simply hoping there's going to be some serious energy budget revision, like a fivefold reduction of its required IH-driver power output combined to a similar "susceptor" mass cut.  Just guessing...  :oldtoker:


Good day, have fun!!  :sorry:

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