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Hello guys

2nd grow , think different and ultimate were on my wish list ,Cinderella Jack looks good too and the 53e i payed for this mix ,sounded like a good bargain to me.Along with 1 orange punch fem from DP and 2 from delicious seeds as,freebies.

Because i m was looking at the tent 2 weeks now and i didn t move my ass to prepare it,i've decided to motivate myself by sprouting the seeds,usually this works with melol.

So here we go:

1xAuto ultimate

1xauto think different

2xAuto cinderella Jack

 and the 2 freebies

1xAuto delicious candy

1x auto dark purple.


They are on a paper towel today and into the filter box again.4 of them have sprouted already.



At least ,the filter is in place and the tent is clean:).



My armory has:


1,2x1,2x2m tent,

6 x 7,5l  DWC pots

Coco used for 1 grow,washed 1st with tap water,then RO and mix extra 11l Ugro riza.Has 10% perlite,10% clay pebbles.It s mixed a month ago in a container and will be charged with half dose of BIOBIZZ All-mix .It s also charged by me with Zeolite

5" blauberg fan max 355m3/h

5"x300mm BULL FILTER,

Parabolic 1m,with PHILIPS 930 agro for 1st time and i will add 2x600w(real 254w) Chinese leds(they did the job on my last grow)at bloom.

I use CFL only a few days,during transplant

Various fans,controllers,meters etc.....



Adwa AD12  pH  meter

Chinese cheap EC meter

CX Horticulture A+B coco(PGR free)

CX Horticulture-Mighty bloom enhancer(PGR free)

Canna -Cannazym


GH-flora kleen

GH-pH down

ATA-Calmag,when needed.

Bio-wizz-Fish mix

TNC-mycor hydro

MYCOTERRA-Quimera trichoderma

Epsom salts

Local fert.-Sea weed powder 1-1-17(250gr,10e)                                                                                                                               >

Local fert.- Amino Acids 20.0%,Organic Carbon (C) 10.0%,2-phenethylamine 2.4 mg / lt,Spermine 3.6 mg / lt, NPK-3-0-0,  (1l ,5e)           >

Local fert.-Root powder  with  Indolylbutyric acid : 0,25 %   (50gr,5e)                                                                                                  

Local fert.- (Κ2O-12,5%)-( SiO-26%) ,(use it also as pH up (11)  (500ml-5e)

Local fert.-Leonardite humus N-P-K almost 0.  (1l,5e)

Local fert.-Foliar bio stimulant(Vegetable oils,Vegetable Lemonines(google translate),Vegetable terpenoids,Steroid glycosides,Sugars,Fulvic acids,Amino acids,Plant hormones,Fe, Zn, Mg, Mn, Cu, B, Mo).

Drip feeding(hopefully....)


I will feed fish mix,Amino acids and Leonardite humus mostly during veg and move to CX base later,as i did in my last grow  http://www.uk420.com/boards/index.php?/topic/392821-black-jack-auto-in-coco-and-ro/   .


I m writing the price of the local fertilizers,to show you the difference.There are many cheap  products,with similar or even superior quality and more concentrated than the "expert" ferts.

Look at your local grow(for farmers)shops and you'll be amazed.Just look the ingredients and compare.

I did 1 day flush and after 4 days drying,the weed had no chem taste at all,was full of terpenes,so  i will replace in time all my ferts to bio and try to make a stronger pre-charge to the coco....in the Winter.



Enough for a start,

Atb to your grows:cheers: .


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So yesterday morning ,i filled the 7.5l pots,put them in the tent at 24 C(+/-),steady till now.I've calibrated my PH pen and later, i prepered a mix of Amino acids and Leonardite Humus (5.6pH-.5 CE) and water all 6 of them ,with a little runoff. 

In the afternoon,i did the planting straight into the coco,no root cubes this time.I ve added some more Zeolite to the coco, BIOBIZZ All-mix ,and it smells like lamp and cow shit/piss.Fish mix is perfume , compare to this.


All seeds had about 2cm root,except  Think Different which haven t sprouted at all.The are under a 30cm parabolic,with 2x18w 2700K led.I will replace them with the 40w 4000k ,i've used before.I have 1x 40w CFL,but i m not sure if it can cover all 6 of them,if i take it too close,now that they re into the pots.

I also used that root powder(Indolylbutyric acid : 0,25 % )and after 8h they are all 5 growing:).


I will prepare the same mix again,to feed with it for a couple of days more,as the sea weed powder i have, has 17 K and i 've used it in 1 grow only.I ll better wait. a few days.

Leonardite humus might be weak in NPK ,but it s full of other goodies,along with Amino acids and sea weed later it s all i use for the start.I don t use other root boosters.    .




Fed them 5ml each. 



You can say i m drinking champaign for the beginning,as at my last grow i manage to waste 10 seeds.


Have a nice Sunday.

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One more is gone,when i tried to remove the shell.Another problem is that i've potted them straight to the final pots and i don t have a CFL that can cover the area.

Tried the 254w led at the top of the tent...leggy.

Now i went back to the 40w CFL 4000K and the leaves started to grow,so did the stretch.I'll leave them there a few days and move to the 40w,4000K led later,as my last grow.For now they grow sloww.

Think different that was the only seed that didin t sprout,is in the pot,covered at 23-25 C,nothing yet.

2think different + 1 ultimate ,were in water since yesterday and went to the paper towel today.

I 've dig around the plants and add some root powder( Indolylbutyric acid:0,25%),as i 've used very little when i've potted them.

Fed after 2 days around the plant, 7ml each,half tap water/half RO and a small zip of sea weed powder(5.73pH/.35 CE).I think there s enough water there for 4-5 days.

Temp in pots is 23-25 C.Out 22.6-26.9 C.I also manage to burn my humidifier:bangin:,so humidity is not so stable ,but is from 55%  to 69%.

All these for the last 3 days.I've reset both.





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there s 1 Cinderella Jack and 1 Ultimate are the ones that left,there are 1+1 of them in the rock cubes,ready to go into coco tomorrow and there are 2 Think Different in a glass,that they will go into plugz probably tomorrow.


Little overwater,the mistake i made with  the bottles,fucked the other plants,but at least 2 have survived.

The CJ on the right and Ultimate on the left.Slow but steady now,they can handle the light from the led ,at a distance.

I fed them the last days 5.8(+-)pH and .4/.5 CE  , different mixes with :Fish mix,CalMag,sea weed powder and Amino acids.

Temps in the roots are 23-24 C and canopy s 24-26 C steady,with 24/0 lights on.




This is how i usually pot the seeds,but this time i chose to plant them straight into the final pots.Big mistake.

1 Ultimate hasn t sprouted yet,from this  batch.They are under a CFL.



Fed them today about 20ml each. 5.75pH -.4 CE, with CalMag,Big Bud  . they  look green  and healthy,but the tent has 50%-60% humidity most of time ,which is not optimal at this stage.






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Potted the other 2 plants today(CJ+U),they re the ones with the temp meter on and they re 8 days younger than the 1st wave.The difference is obvious.

2Think Different went from paper towel to the plugz and into the tent at 23-25 C,stable.Lights are still 24/0.

I will let em dry and give em a run off in the noon,to get rid the leftover nutes.

all plant are stable now,so ,off we go.





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Fed the plants with a mix of:Epsom,CalMag,Amino acids,Big bud and sea weed powder,at 5.75pH-.5 CE- 22.5 C .No run off.

Temp in the tent 24-26 C,pots 23-25 C .Humidity 53%-64% .

3 Think Different,in card box,under a CFL ,at 26-27 C stable.




I m using 1x 256w led now.I will install the CMH later,as i m not keen with it and i don t want to stress the plants now.



i hope tomorrow the 2 TD to come out of the plugz and by the end of this week,to have all plants in their pots.I don t expect the 3rd one tosurvive,it s 7 days there,but you never know.

There s place in the tent for a 7th plant....

Edited by countrock
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Beautyfull !

2x Think Different are in a 10cm rock cube and they"ll be in the pots tomorrow ,so i have all DP strains of the pack,x2.

:russian:of course,now that they are x2,i can  f@ck with the half and i'll give them pain,again........3 plants are enough for the summer,i hope.

I saw a video,that was saying,if you spray the plants with terpenes of another(don remember which,don t feel like google now)plant,they get stressed,like they being attacked and they're  producing ,+++,terpenes and trichomes .Found it logical:idea: and i'll  give it a try.

I think that local bio-stimulator i have(Vegetable oils,Vegetable Lemonines(google translate),Vegetable terpenoids,Steroid glycosides,Sugars,Fulvic acids,Amino acids,Plant hormones,Fe, Zn, Mg, Mn, Cu, B, Mo) ,does that and i will try it ,to the half plants.

I can t help myself:D,growing,is a hobby too.





Gods help me!!!:rofl:


Edited by countrock
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All cool.I took my seedling more seriously this time and i had a 100% success.

So ,2x Think different ,2x Cinderella jack and 2 ultimate are stable and started growing...like autos.

1 Ultimate and 1 Cind.Jack have been potted straight to coco ,on 10/4.This CJ is far behind from the 3 others,but at least, got saved.

 Ultimate2 and  Cind.Jack2 have been in rock cube since  11/4 and potted on 16/4.Ultimates and CJ s are in my washed coco,buffered with Biobizz all-mix.

2x Think Different ,sprouted at 18/4,went into rock cubes and potted at 20/4.They are in a coco slab(buffered at.5 CE)+washed coco medium.

Plants were light green at.6 CE,so either my buffering is light or the roots haven t hit it yet.Less is better.

I will start from smaller pots next time and transplant,as this is my 3rd grow and i overwatered the first week ,in all 3.

I went to 18/6,since today.I will light the second led today/morrow(500w real) and veg with them,as these cheap leds,seems to keep the nodes short and they did the job in my last grow.Philips agro 930 ,will follow at bloom..hopefully.Many things to be installed,but at the moment they're just decorating my room:wassnnme: .

Luckily, i bought a tray ,now that i f@cked the humidifier and i made it a pool to keep the humidity high.

Temps with 1 led on 23-25 C(24).Went to 20.5 C with lights off today.I also add the second 6" ,12v fan i have today to circulate the air better.

Haven t install the duct fan and filter yet,i m using  another one,at 185m3/h for extraction.Negative pressure is ok.

I ve been feeding .8 CE the last 3 days.I will use Biobizz Fish mix for the grow and move to CX s coco A+B in bloom,as i did to my last grow.Amino acids, as pH- ,and Leonardite humus,as pH+,are added in every feed,+ seaweed powder 2-3 times per week.Epsom , ATA CalMag and Cannazym everyday.



The slow one.




The rain has washed the clay balls,2 times but ,looks like it wasn t enough.I hope i won t regret it.large.IMG_20190424_212924.jpg


As i grow only for me,i care only for the quality and i m not in a rush to finish the grow.I use autos because my tent isn t lightproof and i don t wanna risk to "make" it,at this point.Maybe in the Winter ,as i do a favor on me and i won t start a grow in the Summer again.


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Looking good mate. Good luck with the grow. 


It all sounds very complicated to a simple guy like me but I'll be watching taking notes.


I'm down to just grow and bloom in a  tent with a light, a fan and filter. Basic as fuck. I don't even water, they are on drippers in compost lol my systems complexity is measuring out 10l of water in a bucket and adding 30ml of bloom which takes as long as the tap takes to fill a bucket lol


Plants look happy so all the best 

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Hi @blackpoolbouncer

I know i make my life harder  and probably my next grow in the winter ,will be with soil,as i  m not a very consistent growerlol .

Also,there s a 90l tank,a pump,hoses etc,in my room,serving as decoration too.:wassnnme:

I bought the CX s coco A+B base and PK,which i know are enough for a grow and they have a good pH stability for drip systems.

As you understand,i m part of the problem,not the solution...so far.


Thanks for dropping by,atb.


p.s. Take a big notebook.lol



Edited by countrock
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I've installed the second led-need to adjust the height a bit -and the extraction.The roots have reach the perimeter and bottom of the pot,in the biggest plants.

Mycor is doing well too,it s almost visible too.

Plants respond well....now it s my turn to keep them happy,till the end.

The tank is next to be installed.



I've placed corovin fabric at the bottom,instead of clay,so there s more space for the coco.



Looking good ,so far and the plants progress (roots,mycor activity),is similar with my previous grow.




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All great.Ultimates are the 2 biggest,then comes the C.Jacks and the smaller are T.Different,which are over watered,again and grow slow.

I have to feed them separate.:headpain:

These lights keep the plants bushy but i won t train them much,i'll just bend the side branches when they start to stretch.

I can t take the humidity high,is around 50% mostly .I would prefer 60%-70% at this stage.

Temp is the last 3 days at 20.9-24.5 C in the pot that i have the and 22.5-28.4 C in the canopy/middle of the tent.Humidity, 44%-58%.

I've lower CE today to .7,as the leaves have sharp edges and "teeth".I m feeding Epsom,CX a+b and Leonardite humus ,as pH up the last 3 days.

I m not satisfied with my effort..so far.Even if i install the drip feeding now,they have different needs at this point.




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I've been feeding .8(+-) CE,but plants don t look very healthy to me.Is it heat stress , stagnant air or bad circulation?.Had similar problem with my last grow and i was thinking that not much fresh air is coming into the tent.

The tent is in my room and fresh air comes from the window,until i install the intake fan(100m3/h).

Beside that,they look like cabbage,specially the Ultimates which deserve their name.

Temps are steady.Pot C 20.9  /24.8  C and above canopy ,can be seen at pictures below..

Wet/dry circle watering,but sometimes i m out of the house for 10h.

The U s and CJ s have started to stretch a bit.





I m closing the extraction during lights off and have only the fan circulating the air.



leds are 1m above the canopy(500w real).


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I gave all of them a good runoff,they needed it and "shut the light" on the top,so the lower branches start to stretch.The fun leaves are big and the light doesn t penetrate well.

Roots are thriving,even the small ones have hit the bottom/rear side:punk: .

I fed them  CalMag,AN grow,aminoacids and Leonardite humus to feed the mycor(1.2 CE-5.78pH).I have 2 probes into the pots and temp is steady 22-25 c,with lights on/off.

I hope 1.2 isn t too much.

The fan is at horizontal position and it s just moving the air around.I don t bring  warm air from the top,most time canopy temp is around 25+-.Humidity is at 50%-55%.





Good luck with your grow,


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I'll be feeding N(AN grow)-K(sea weed),Amino acids and Leonardite humus(as mycor feed+traces),for the rest of the veg.I m fedding with tap water(filtered) some days but,it has a .56 CE,very hard i would say.

No "plastic" leaves.The problem was probably from poor fresh air coming in the tent.Extraction is at 4/5,the window is opened all day,so fresh air is coming in the room and the problem is solved for now.Intake is passive for now,but i have to install the fan,as temps are going 20+ most of the day outdoor.

Lights go out at 12:00-19:00,the hottest part of the day.

They drink a lot and they have different needs,so i feed them by lifting the pots.I don t count the ml for each plant.

Some lower/inner leaves were turning yellowish,but with better fresh air circulation and (probably) more N and sea weed powder,solve the problem and they look normal now.

I m happy so far,despite the slow start. Days are +-,cause....who cares about time.






The Ultimate,in front is No1,30 days old+- and back is No2,25 days old+-.



The Cinderella Jack.The front is No2,25 days old+- and back is No1(no rock cube),30days+-.




The Think Different,about 20 days old.large.IMG_20190506_090732.jpg


A close up of Ultimate No1,which went straight to coco(as Cinderella J.No1),no rockcube.I will train it 1st,so the others have time to catch up!Looks like it s going to be a monster....in my eyes.




Room/canopy temps.




Pot s temps.




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