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First Time Autos: Dinafem - Blue Cheese(x2), Cheese, Critical+ 2.0

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15 minutes ago, blackpoolbouncer said:

Why have you not just connected your drying box to you intake. Job done


Congrats on the successful harvest btw


I thought I read somewhere someone saying that would be a bit much, otherwise I'd have done that! ha. They were in boxes but now they are hanging in the tent. I'm nowhere near prepared for my next ones yet so giving it the 10-14 days it needs should be enough hopefully. Just hope the extraction isn't pulling too much now, so I've put it on and off in 6 hour spells to help.


Thanks! I'll post up final weights and hopefully pictures if they turn out OK! Fingers crossed. If I can get rid of this not so nice smell then I'd be more confident.

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3rd day in.. putter leaves are quite crispy and dry.. the 'internals' seem like it's going to be quite airy which is disappointing. 3 days down, 7 to go..

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Hopefully get a few pictures up tonight once they are in jars. Already trimmed my blue cheese and got about 45grams from that which I was happy with. I do wish I had left it a bit longer now.. the other two are still drying but most of the 'hay' smell has gone, which is great!

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Wow, just caught up on the whole thread - great job man !


Incredible how well that's gone, especially amazed given that's with one of those blurple lights too, way better than my own efforts.

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Since I was still trimming last night at 02:30 I didn't bother posting or putting any pictures up. Finished trimming everything this morning so here's what I got in the end.



Blue Cheese - 35grams

Cheese - 45grams

Critical+2.0 - 28grams


Overall 98grams from 3 plants, I'm quite happy with that for a first try.


I was hoping to get a nicer smell and taste from the Cheese but it's not the case, so far, I think it will get better in time with curing thought.


The critical smells absolutely amazing and tastes just as good, super happy with that, even though I got the least amount from that plant.


Also got plenty of trim left for making some cannabutter and edibles in future :)




Thanks to everyone that commented and got involved during this, a lot could and probably would have gone wrong had I not got answers and reassurance from here, so thanks again!


Until the next one (be a few days before I start, think I'll maybe do a proper diary this time) .. peace! :fart:

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