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Getting stuff for next grow ready. Can't decide on Oxypot XL or NTF GT1000.

I'm putting together the shopping list for my next grow. I've done soil twice, and manual watering pisses me off carrying the pots out into the bathroom to feed. Trays wont fit in the tent sadly.


Anyway I've been looking at the Oxypot XL (2 of) or the NTF GT100 using a 1000W light. I'm aiming for 4 plants. I'll be building a space from batons and plastic lightproof sheeting which will replace my 1mx1m tent. This is because there's space around and infront of the tent that could be used and  1m space for 1000w is going to be deadly for heat and air circulation. But the overall new space will be a little bigger than 1.5m width and length with full ceiling height.


Now my question is the Oxypot vs the GT100. As this is my first hydro grow I'd like to know which one people prefer the best and why. I can't make up my mind and dont' really know the pro's and cons of each.


Which one is likely to have the least number of problems? ha ha

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@MasterSplinter how’s it goin bud. 


I use the oxpots. 2 of them in a 120x60x160 tent in me loft. I’m a noob on my 3rd grow an I love them. Find them real easy to use and stay on top of ec and ph with daily checks. Change out the water every 7-10 days. Never grown anything in my life and averaged 6ozs per plant on my first 2 grows. Along with some tasty bubble hash from the trim. 

Cant comment on nft as I’ve never used it. But would highly recommend the oxys. I’ve already bought another two for when I get around to making a groom in my loft. 


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Let me tell you that both of those systems are overpriced and you can make them up yourself for pennies. If I was set on buying one instead of spending an afternoon in the garage after a trip to wickes, then I'd go with the Oxypot for simplicity. If I had a choice outside of these two, I would opt for flood and drain because I've found it to out perform both of these and maintenance is far easier.


It is just an expensive DWC which consists of 3 parts. A bucket. A pot with holes in. An air pump. It really is that easy. Someone even has a thread on here that is stickied about making your own bubblers... just give that a read. I would supliment the air pump with a water pump that just circulates your water and one that just breaks the surface of the water which will oxygenate it better than the airpump will.


Bubblers / DWC are a foolproof and easy to set up intro into the world of hydroponics. Provided you maintain a healthy root mass you cant really go wrong. Use H202 regularly, be gentle with your pH adjustments as your roots are directly in the reservoir and any changes will be felt by them immediately, unlike a flood and drain system for instance, where you can make changes to the res, in-between watering cycles. The greater the amount of water the better. Good luck.

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