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Knowledge is power...

Firstly thank god I found this site,and high fives to all in it!!

Im literally brand new to all this so if I seem like I’m asking stupid or obvious questions please bare with me as I’ve no other outlets I can go to...

im at the setting up stage and still trying to find my feet with it all and learn all the lingo and key words etc.

ive tried to find advice prior to writing this but some stuff I just can’t seem to find.i work full time so like most on here I’m looking for a system that will hopefully minus the odd bit here and there take care of itself whilst I’m away from the den.

A couple of weeks ago i had a rush of blood to the head and ended up walking out the shop with a 1.5x1.5x2m tent and all the other stuff I needed to get up and running without a clue of how much is actually involved to get results!my setup is in the garage where I’ve laid it on some insulation to help keep it from being on direct concrete,I’ve opted for 2x 600w led lights I got off amazon that have a vegetation and flowering mode on them,no idea if they are any good or if it was a better idea than halogens and whether I needed to buy the second,but as money is a little tight was thinking they may be cheaper to run and easier?the shop sold me an auto pot system with a 47l reservoir that I’ve housed outside the tent (which I will also insulate) cutting a small hole in the mesh at the bottom as I’d seen it done on here somewhere and I think 6x 15l pots as well as some much smaller ones...one of my many questions and again if it’s obvious then I apologise in advance,but aside from the measurements on the Nutes for how much to add /L how much water/mix do you know how to feed each plant and once they are moved over onto the Autopots system how much do I put into the reservoir and how often?i will be using coco and clay pellets as that also came as part of the package.


any Jedis out there willing to take a padawan aside and pass down their vast knowledge will be greatly appreciated!!!



thanks in advance 

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This post must of been missed:thumbdown:lol...how did you get on in end??

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