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Soil nutes in hydro

Hi all,

I fucked up and ordered Bloom nutes for soil (Dutch Pro) and I needed hydro. I can't return them as they're open as I didn't notice until I was about to use it .  From what I can see on the Dutch pro website, it's just not as strong. What do you all think? can I use it or have I wasted £50? I'm using a Wilma System


The Hydro nutes:

4.9%NO3 5.9%K2O 1.3%SO 0.006%B 0.015%Mn
0.4%NH4 3.7%CaO 0.4%Na2O 0.002%Cu 0.002%Mo
2.1%P2O5 1.4%MgO 0.3%CI 0.021%Fe 0.006%Zn
N-P-K 5-2-6 TOTAL



The Soil nutes:

4.4%NO3 5.5%K2O 1.1%SO 0.006%B 0.015%Mn
0.4%NH4 3.7%CaO 0.2%Na2O 0.002%Cu 0.002%Mo
1.7%P2O5 1.0%MgO 0.2%CI 0.013%Fe 0.004%Zn

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Posted (edited)

Normally soil nutes will be of a different viscosity, much thicker liquid & therefore will block most hydro pumps & pipes. 


I'd wait for someone more experienced with hydro before making a judgement, but I'd guess the answer will be don't risk it. Especially if you bugger your pump & several expensive seedlings.


I've just noticed you are using a Wilma, in which case, very risky & you'll need to use the biggest drippers. But I will say, my drippers blocked when I tried out a Wilma and I was using the correct coco nutes!  


Good luck whatever you choose :yinyang:

Edited by AKPOG
Fix auto spell from drippers to diapers!
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Soil nutes would normally have a higher NH4 percentage and possibly some urea. If its free of lumpy bits, they`ve probably just used the same basic agro chems and tweaked the formulation to create a different product. 

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