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J Trich

SEEDSMAN PHOTO CUP - 40.000€ - 1st 7.500€

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17 days LEFT

Here some of the Autumn entries.. remember Autumn Cup ends 20 September.. Join NOW!!



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11 Days LEFT!! 

Have you joined? its time to do.. Autumn cup ends 20 September.



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8 Days LEFT!! seedsmanphotocup.com :bong:



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7 Days left!!



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Hey guys.. Grand Prize Cup have started.. remember it is the last cup of Seedsman Photo Cup. Play for the best prizes ever... Good luck!!



Judges Choice


1st Prize (1 Winner)
€7500 Cash
Jorge Cervantes Books
50 Free Seedsman Seeds & Merch


2nd Prize (2 winners)
€1000 Cash
Jorge Cervantes Books
50 Free Seedsman Seeds & Merch


3rd Prize (5 winners)
€200 Voucher
Jorge Cervantes Books
50 Free Seedsman Seeds & Merch




1st Prize (1 winner)
€1000 Cash
Jorge Cervantes Books
50 Free Seedsman Seeds & Merch


2nd Prize (5 winners)
€500 Cash
Jorge Cervantes Books
50 Free Seedsman Seeds & Merch

Some entries from the +500 already done...



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Winners "JUDGES CHOICE" Autumn Cup

1st Prize - Judges Choice.
Chronikoolgrowz with his Bubba 76. 




"Color focus and composition, this image has it all." Jorge Cervantes, Photo Cup Judge. 
"Love this one! The photographer did an amazing job at framing the trichome dense bud using the surrounding faded fan leaves. Really beautiful work." Curtis Taylor, Photo Cup Judge. 
"nice, well focused photo of a trichome-encrusted nugget amid leaves showing their lovely, harvest-induced colors." Paul Stanford, Photo Cup Judge. 
"my favorite flower shot of this round! Ilove the colors and fade. Would look great on my wall!" Sean Moore, Photo Cup Judge.


2nd Prize 1 - Judges Choice.




"The iconic moment when cannabis was legalized in california...What a great image! Reminds me of the creation of adam." Sean Moore, Photo Cup Judge.
"This inspirational biblical parody of the Creation of Adam alludes to the transformation in people´s belief system to accept cannabis." Jorge Cervantes.


2nd Prize 2 - Judges Choice.





"Dark, Moody, Powerful" Monica Lo, Photo Cup Judge.
"Loved the intensity and concentration demonstrated in this image. Cannabis smoke ties the shaman and the dark mystical beyond together in concert." Jorge Cervantes.
"Dark, Moody, Powerful" Monica Lo, Photo Cup Judge.
"This image invokes a lot of emotion. I appreciate how it expresses the long history of cannabis use." Devin Stein, Photo Cup Judge.


3rd Prize 1 - Judges Choice.
LOVE RED BY Cannashots2.0





"A beautiful showcase of the strains trichome variety! The photographer did a spectacular job with lighting and background choice resulting in a very crisp and fresh photo." Curtis Taylor, Photo Cup Judge.
"Love the color lighting and clarity of this image. I wrestled with the ranking of this image. It is truly beautiful." Jorge Cervantes, Photo Cup Judge.


3rd Prize 2 - Judges Choice.





"Cannabis farmers and workers often use the charasthey collect during their labor for themselves, so it isn't something casual cannabis users know about. But fresh charasis a treat. It's the very definition of a "Green thumb!" it is very hands on work." Paul Stanford, Photo Cup Judge.
"This is a strong image. Good framing of the subject within a tight crop. The resin on the hands creates a compelling narrative, andleaves me curious not only about the ancient art of hashish but also the personal story of the subject." Kristen Angelo, Photo Cup Judge.
"Proof of hard work and a resionus harves can be seen in this ganja-worker´s hands. The focus is so keen you can see cracks in the resin on his hands." Jorge Cervantes, Photo Cup Judge.



Will continue in next posts...

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3rd Prize (3) - Judges Choice.




"Beautiful photograph. This is a well-balanced shot that establishes a sense of place and creates a narrative. The muted tones are lovely. The subject's positioning is strong. His raised arm guides the eyes up into the center of the photograph and the color of the flame in the foreground carries through into the distant sunset from left to right, which works well because that's how we naturally read photographs." Kristen Angelo, Photo Cup Judge.
"¡Spiritual image! Ganja unites the heavens and mountains with a soulful smoker." Jorge Cervantes, Photo Cup Judge.


3rd Prize (4) - Judges Choice.



"Powerful shot and crispy textures." Monica Lo, Photo Cup Judge.
"Friends sharing a spliff after a long day in the fields. The coarse nature of the image adds to the earthy feeling." Jorge Cervantes.


3rd Prize (5 ) - Judges Choice.



"This photograph has strong photojournalistic qualities. The framing of the subject within the timber structure is effective and beautiful. The subject is facing the camera, and his stance suggests a sense of confidence and authority. The natural sunlight falls softly on his shoulders and creates a slow gradient down his torso, which draws my attention to his hands, which are not only positioned well, but reflect his age and suggest he has story to share." Kristen Angelo, Photo Cup Judge.
"Giant plants with big spikes of flowers tower above this proud hard-working grower standing below the bright blue sky. His pride eminates!" Jorge Cervantes, Photo Cup Judge.

Edited by J Trich

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Remember Grand Prize Cup is running NOW with a 1st Prize with 7.500 € cash.. Limit time to join & upload your shots is 20 November!!



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A competition that began in March is set to conclude tomorrow 20th November, with professional photographers and novices alike seeking to get their 
share of huge cash prizes up for grabs. 

BARCELONA, 19th November 2019 – In just one day, global seed bank Seedsman will close entries for the 2019 Grand Prize Judge’s Cup and People’s Cup awards, known together as the “Seedsman Photo Cup”. With cash and prizes totalling over €40,000, the Photo Cup is one of the largest online photo competitions of its kind. With nearly 25,000 photo entries from over 5,000 photographers and enthusiasts in X countries, it is also set to become one of the most successful.
Judging the competition has been a panel of experts led by world renowned cannabis cultivator, writer and expert Jorge Cervantes. Other notable photographers and industry influencers making the final decision as to who will win the coveted Judge’s Cup and €7,500 cash include Paul Stanford, Kristen Angelo, Monica Lo, Chris Romaine, Sean Moore, Bess Byers, Morgan English, Devin Stein, Curtis Taylor and Allie Beckett.
“We have been thrilled with the quality of the submissions to the Photo Cup so far and grateful to our community of growers and cannabis enthusiasts that have come out to get involved” says Seedsman founder Tom Raikes. “It is now down to the final countdown, but it’s still not too late to enter, share and encourage friends and family to vote – your shot could be the winner.”

For more information about the Seedsman Photo Cup and to enter to win, go to www.seedsmanphotocup.com. The Competition closes 20th November at 11:59pm and the winners will be announced as soon as determined by the judges.   

About Seedsman: 
Founded in 2003, Seedsman, a brand of Tigre Uno Distribucion SL, is a leading global seedbank at the forefront of innovation in the cannabis industry. Seedsman was the first company to sell auto-flowering as well as CBD genetics across its web platforms. Further, Seedsman maintains one of the world’s most comprehensive libraries of cannabis seeds including 3000 strains and over 110 different brands. Looking to the future, Seedsman continues to lead innovation, promoting for legal change and championing genetic diversity and accessibility through its range of brands and cannabis businesses.  

About Jorge Cervantes: 
Jorge Cervantes is the nom de plume of George Van Patten, an American horticulturist, publisher and writer specializing cultivation of medical cannabis. Van Patten self-published the first edition of Indoor Marijuana Horticulture in 1983, now considered to be the “Grower’s Bible” used today by Cannabis Universities in the USA as their main textbook. Cervantes continues to write feature articles in High Times magazine and is the recipient of the Lester Grinspoon Lifetime Achievement Award, High Times, November 2013. 

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