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Boron Deficiency



Currently a 2-3 weeks in to veg with an RQS White Widow plant and seem to have a problem. The leaf growth is a bit messy and twisted and doesn't seem to be producing fan leaves. It also has brown spots on leaves. I checked the grow weed easy site and it looks like a Boron Deficiency. The picture they use looks pretty much exactly like mine.


What I can't understand is that the causes they list for this are not issues with my grow so while it clearly looks like a BD, I can't fathom what has caused it. 


Just looking for advice on how to deal with it because the GWE site pretty much just says give it a flush with nutrient water and keep an eye on it but I can't see what good that's gonna do.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Picture would help with grow lights off!!

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Pictures and a bit more info are really needed mate. 


Root temps at lights out 

ph (if in coco or hydro) 

feed strength 

and a picture 


will help massively 



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Just nip for a bit of boron down the shops....I often see deficiencies of this in two week old plants.


You must have bought boron free compost




Apologies. Don't try nipping to the shop for boron. I bet we can fix this problem without it with some info on conditions and a picture 

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Most tapwater has some boron so a deficiency is pretty unlikely. Boron in hydro nutes is typically from boric acid or borax / sodium metaborate.

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Canna mono macro... for all your macro needs... 

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Posted (edited)

They dont do boron, if you need boron just buy 50g of boric acid off a certain auction site for £2. The 50g will be enough to bump the boron up by 0.5ppm in 20,000L of nutes ;)

Edited by Geo

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