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Maxibright Digilight Daylight 315 Ballast problems?

Hi all, I appear to be having a problem with  (hopefully just one) my Digilight 315 ballast(s).


In my home I use a electricity monitor that clips on the supply cable at my meter with a ct and radio links to the monitor in my kitchen. I've had this for years and has always worked absolutely fine. It helps me to check from upstairs what is going on in the dungeon, so I can see when lights come on and off, and also helps me to see what else is using power. From this setup I know my 2 ballasts, the intake and extract fans and my veg tent lightwing together draw around 900w.  Last night however I noticed we were pushing closer to 1400w with everything else in the  home switched off. The lights were working absolutely fine in the tent. My plan tonight is to turn on each lamp individually at lights on to see if I can determine which one (if any) is suddenly drawing twice the power, (I've played around this morning since lights off by putting on all the things in the house that I know what they draw  kettle, coffee machine, oven etc and it appears the energy monitor is working fine).  If one of the ballasts draws more than 350w it will prove that it has a problem and will need replacing.


My question is (a stab in the dark I know, how many of you are anal enough to have a electricity monitor:))  has anyone else experienced this? I'm reluctant to buy another ballast @£130  until I've confirmed this is the case and I would have expected the ballast to pack up in such circumstances not to use more than double the power. I'm a week away from the chop so I can take the slight hit on the electricity bill rather than only run one lamp but figured I'd put it out there in case someone has experienced similar and to get others to check just in case you're unknowingly pouring electricity down the drain.

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It wasn't a spike due to the ballasts starting up and striking the bulbs?  They use more power on start up dont they?

Just a thought.

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Unfortunately not. I'm going to investigate further last night. I've discounted anything else plugged in  at the time because I went around the place unplugging everything else. I'll put them on one at a time tonight to see if that makes anything clearer? 


I haven't ruled out a problem with the energy monitor, but it's working as it should today  - ie kettle adds 2.75 kw as always - dehumidifier on at about 500w etc. 


I'll update later. if there is something wrong it may be an isolated fault but to anyone running these ballasts perhaps worth looking into - you never know your ballast might be using up far more power than it should. 

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I know feck all about electricity but might it be a bad bulb, maybe flickering so its as if its turning off and on, Id guess that would draw more power. Probably wrong but thats what Id be hoping for rather than the cost of a ballast

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36 minutes ago, BlazeBudz said:

Probably wrong but thats what Id be hoping for rather than the cost of a ballast


Not actually a lot in it. New local shop just opened this week will do the same ballast as cheap as online:yep: and they're even open Sunday for 4 hours. Only about £35 between a lamp and a ballast:eek:

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