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Flowermate, Boundless or Pax 2

I’ve been using this for the last year as an intro into vaping dry bud. Its ok.. but it combusts and tastes crap.. and also the fibreglass guts of it have been said to be hazardess as they have a chance of entering the vape path!


I smoke a really small amount most nights before bed and thats it so I don’t want to spend a fortune... yet I want decent quality as I like to pick strains based on taste so a cleaner vape path is key.


Initially I was getting a pax 2.. but after searching for hours I decided on a flowermate mini pro which was a bonus as its cheaper.. then Im finding people saying the boundless cf is the best in my range! 



Anyone got advice on the best option? Or even any iv not come across yet??



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the new sapphires good and cheap.

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I'm a bit biased but the DynaVap is great! Sapphire also get's rave reviews. Both of which set you back around £40-50 IIRC.

If you don't toot a lot the DynaVap takes about 0.lg , closest thing I've found to a spliff.

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I was in your position about a year ago, tried a pax2  at a  friends and just went and got one.

Works well - find I have to have it on the higher heat setting but its a nice clean smooth smoke - just need to keep it clean which  is not hard.


Head good things  about the others but the pax2 is perfect for my needs

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I have an old flowermate 5s knocking around somewhere, it served me well for a couple of years. 

Atm im using the Storm Spirit vape, which I like, its much better than the old flowermate for sure, though recently I have been eyeing up the Fury 2, its got really good reviews.

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Salutations GrooveMaster87,


15 hours ago, groovemaster87 said:

...dry bud.  ...  ...a cleaner vape path is key.


Anyone got advice on the best option?  Or even any iv not come across yet??


In all honesty the best option is to consider getting actively engaged into my DiY challenge so you can DUPLICATE & PEER REVIEW, eventually, to share the fun essentially.


Or perhaps there are other tools approximating the behaviour of my daily tool so i'll try to stick to those criterias i've just quoted above...


1st of all, in Canada a "Dry Flower" is our best alternative in presence of glyphosphate and/or similar in just too many food products already, imagine the "Légaleezed" mari-caca of Justin cap'tain Itnoc Trudeau (e.g. VILIFICATION - In The Name Of Children!)...  So far there's been negative feedback from infuriated legit customers ranging from mold to tumbling, with infestations followed by predatory insect bursts leaving lots of dejections behind that cobalt-60 radio-active ionizing sterilization still fails to remove, etc.  Not to mention even if the product were pristine it's still either THC-centric or CBD-centric, selling with a price-tag inflated 2 ~ 3 times, etc., etc...


Vilification of cannabis begins with its typical consumption method:  cigarette/"joint" SMOKING.  So it's a blessing when a smoker switches to something which doesn't destroy half the noble molecules only to feed a fire supposed to vaporize whatever remains, while contaminating such lame cannabic path with a myriad of toxic compounds including from wood fiber and glue.  Those who did perform the health-wise transition to vaping e-Liquids or vaporizing dry flowers still face at least 2 more forms of self-vilification (e.g. the consumer himself becomes his own enemy while bigot anti-cannabic prohibitionists won't help):  i'm thinking of a failure to offer "The Shortest Path of Lesser Transformation" while "Hot Dry Air Ovenizers" must be expected to fail offering access to "flash" or "pulse" vaporisation where an absence of sufficient time for thermalization minimizes "baking" and hence leaves more hints behind for aroma/taste approximation...  In other words a Volcano/Arizer keeps noble molecules inside an oven that's totally soaked with heat for 2 ~ 3 minutes, while ex-smokers are used to tokes only lasting seconds instead, though in "burst" mode i'd argue.  Of course miniaturization + portability only complicates the matter.


Now imagine the plant is impregnated with systemic pesticides.  Don't concentrates represent a serious health-wise concern then??




The only safe spot would be trichome glands where noble substances are being collected at the site of genesis on a molecular basis, which means natural filtration at an unbeatable cost...  IMO this should be what we must favour as our primary target, but how can this puzzle be solved if everything gets shuffled in a black box which does deliver deep extraction as expected, though i'm not too confident that's our "best" option on the long run.


Forget slow & steady, learn to identify consumption methods as a function of the "Release/Transport Agent", which is "Hot Dry Air" alone in popular electric devices.  An other quality to seek is broadband cannabinoïd "1-Hitter" tokes which avoid exposing your tiny bowl to heat between inhalations - or in other words which promotes "conservation".


In Shreaded Dry Herb the tiny trichomes float in a sea of relatively larger vegetal fragments, consequently it's possible to differentiate our target once a (temporary stored) "Heat Charge" has been depleted by a matching WorkLoad, leaving insufficient parasitic heat to cause damage by over-exposure.  In other words target tiny features of the contact surface in such brief bursts there's no time left for thermalization once the precious load became airborne (e.g. by leaving its bowl...), because heat doesn't disperse in matter at infinite speed and "Flash"/"Pulse" Heating can exploit this as a major advantage.  In comparison a ~300 mg bowl is customary if it's meant to please our appreciative senses, my proposal offers 2 ~ 3 tokes with satisfying aroma/taste despite a minute amount being used, like ~20 mg each time i figured.  My 125 mg bowl provides 5 ~ 6 tokes total, which helps to fight yet another self-vilification agent:  its cost.




Even the IH-driven DynaVap won't be this "clean" i think but right now this may be what's your "best" option besides DiY involvement.  Aim directly/selectively for trichome glands, don't allow a (stored) Heat Charge to affect vegetal tissue whenever possible!  Be warned, a portable oven shall feel deceptive once familiar with similar non-baking alternatives as described.


Good day, have fun!!  :hippy:

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Hi - I’m using the Pax2. Been using it more as it’s easy to use in the house and more stealthy. I also use it on the highest setting as I seem to get nice clouds from it and stronger hits. I also pack it tight, which seems to help. Yes, it’s easy to clean as well. Took me a while to get into the vaping, but I love it - much easier on the lungs. I’ve also got a Davinci Miqro, which is really nice and small, easy to clean and a nice smooth vape. The battery life, however, is terrible. Luckily it comes with a spare battery - you could easily go through two or three batteries a day if you’re a heavy user.

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Thanks everyone for really good input! In the end I snapped up the boundless cf for £99 :fart: 

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I have a Boundless CFX which is one of their older models. It's basically the same as your CF but has a LED display and more battery life. Performs well even though extensive use has led to a cracked casing :D.


If I was buying now I'd go with the Boundless Tera.

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