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strain choices for lat 49.2

A big thank you @HSO-Mark for selecting me for running a diary this year respect for that dude, all though im going to be cut up for major heart surgery by the NHS at some point in the very near future ( will know the said date on wed when i go for my cardio annagram etc ). I still hope to run a diary after. The reason for this is ive got well into my gardening over the last 18 months, and well to be fair theres only so much porn you can watch in the day lol. Any way the misses has given me the green light, to order the polly tunnel 2 meter x 3 meter long x 2 meter high :) at the end of march re pay day.  Its going to be shoved down the side of my garden and cover the raised beds that i have within my allotment.  Shes also said its fine for my self to do 2 maybe 3 plants max at any one time. Got to respect her for that one as the mortgage and deeds to the gaff is in her name.  Any way got electric wired outside at long last with the aid of a double hagger socket.  one socket is currently running into my shed which is powering my 400 wt dual spec cfl.  Inside my 60 x 60 x 140 grow tent.  She is also fully awatre i have this set up as ive been perfictily obvious with it. How ever on the go at the moment in there i have 6 curry bushes, and 8 salvia plants various variety , in order to spread round the out side of the poly tunnel to discise the smell of the forbidden fruits within the said poly tunnel.  Im only a few hundred yards away from the beach so we do get a bit weather beaten.  Hence the tunnel to keep the goods within dry and safe, any way what would you guys and girls recommend for such a latitude please. Im thinking chemdawg for  the late finisher ( a bit of winter smokeage) and possibly the  Auto uk cheese for a mid summer finish.  but yet im open to suggestions thanks in advance ive enclocsed a pic of where the polly tunnel is fgoing so you folk can get a idea thanks againlarge.51588517_10161506963870416_6945185301312569344_n.jpg

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@bubbleguppie I think you chose well with the UK cheese auto mate. What a tidy looking garden. Can't wait to see a few HSO autos growing over the coming month's  ;)


Kind regards 



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