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Help with PAX 3

Hello guys, I have stopped smoking tobacco- just bought a Pax 3 for smoking my hash- I don’t seem to be getting stoned- any tips for a total vaping novice?


thanks in advance

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How’s it going? I have a pax 2 but don’t vape hash in it. Only flowers. Don’t pack it too tight as it already had a fair bit of draw resistance. What temp setting are you using? The pax is a great wee vape. It should get you fuuuuked up lol  blows some nice clouds too. 

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Posted (edited)

There's a big transition period when switching from smoke to vapour.


I found that the vape didn't hit the spot for a while when first switching over. It's because I was dependent on benzene, carbon monoxide and the other nasties (basically tar) that I had been recieving from the smoke, which are not present in the vapour.


Well done for making the change. It might take a while to adjust to the new clean high of the vape (I couldn't even feel myself getting high at first also.)


It is possible that soon you will be getting higher then you ever did smoking and using less weed along the way! After the adjustment phase .. that is 


If you stick with it then the high will become more and more prominent. You will need less and less to reach your acquired state .. and your taste buds will change to the point that pure cannabis smoke alone tastes burnt and stagnant. Let alone with tobacco mixed in


It's a really weird change and might take a month or two to adjust to the point of loving the vape more then a smoke.


Just give it time and see how it goes, do what works best for you.


I found after years of vaping that it was anxiety inducing for me, due to too much THC intake 


I went back to smoking joints .. but with no tobacco (I find I need some of the above mentioned nasties, from the tar in the smoke to sedate me!)..


I suppose I  could  just vape higher temps (200 celcius) but it just tastes of popcorn or ABV!!! 


Edit : just seen your vaping hash not weed.. don't think it will make too much difference... I think either way you won't get that 'hit the spot' feeling from the vape until the dependence on the tar nasties has subsided.. best of luck!



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