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Your Best Photos Of Plants Grown Under DIYLEDUK kits

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SeedStockers Gelato 41 - Vegging in a 1.3 litre pot of organic compost. Topped Once. Plant will be getting potted up this week. Feed Intense Nutrients Organix grow. 



Started life under 60 watts of samsung strips then under the new Scopex100 Led Bar . Light sits about 5 inches above the plants.






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Here's a couple of my Sweet Seeds plants,

which were flowered under the Lumatek Zeus 600W Pro(at 75% 450W)


Sweet Zkittlez

















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3 x Scope 375W Version 1 lights still going strong here.  2 things I’ve noticed with these new-fangled lights is that it is easy to burn my plants and I sometimes need an oil rad in the summer to keep temps in the right zone!  Currently growing subbie seeds and Footloose in coco fed with Blumat Tropf drippers just grow A&B and universal traces.



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Just cause I like this pic lol


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Gorilla girl

Sweet seeds

Par465 +Pro

Day 51 flower


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Current lot at week 4 o 12/12 under the par+ 240

Kosher kush


And platinum garlic 

Dinna ask me which is which here tho lol


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Week 5 flowering out some subbies seeds 9 of which are VicFirth’s Psycho Animal Stomper under a 375W V1 Scope dimmed to 288W, giving roughly 600 ppfd across the canopy. Hand-watered daily with Grower’s Ark coco nutes: 2ml/l A&B Bloom, 3ml universal traces, 1.3EC.  Maybe 40-50cm above canopy  25-28ºC.  Christmas goodies! :oldtoker:



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Growing under single strip samsungs canopy (150) and side lighting (100).





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@The audio breathing machine That neat looking picture transformed by end of week 8 :)


Under 3 x Scope V1 375W dialled to 320W, 2 oil(!) rads in my loft to keep the temps up to 29ºC in the tent which looks to be necessary compared to growing under HPS.  Can understand why some people mix it up with a hot radiant light fixture like CMH in the winter.  Perfect for my loft in the summer though. :oldtoker:  Plants being hand-watered once daily as lights come on, GA 2ml A&B bloom and 3ml traces.  These lights are rock solid and I can’t ever imagine maxing out the wattage al the way to 375W and they’ll last me years.  I have to admit to looking at other growers’ fixtures that have a smattering of far reds with just a teeny little bit of envy. lol 




Psycho Animal Stomper on the right, Smile x Blues and Footloose on the left



Vicfirth’s Psycho Animal Stomper





Madgiz’s Smile x Blues



UGORG’s Footloose




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Into week 10 flowering in my garden. :)  Increased the power to 320W on all 3 V1 Scope fixtures for the final week.  Having completed a few LED grows I cannot see myself ever running them on max but then on a positive note I think it was @Exhale who suggested in another thread that the LEDs will last longer if they are driven below their max.   All on plain water for 5 or 6 days.


Psycho Animal Stomper From Vicfirth12



All Psycho Animal Stomper




Psycho Animal Stomper at the right/back then a mix of Madgiz's Smile x Blues and Footloose at the left/front


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Platinum Garlic at 9wk 


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Cannae resist postin this pic o the garlic mid dry 


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Back again wi the Baklavas taken last night at the start o wk10




Cheers :skin_up:


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thought id pop in ,mainly to say thank you again to the diyled guys ..that scope 220 v1 is now tuned in lol ..its taken a bit of time and a lot of mitigating circumstances m`lud..but i think ive got it working ..who knew you had to plug them in ..tsk.

anyway this post was also to say thank you to whoever made this subbies bean ..it reeeeeeks of lemons and its like bluetack .


btw this is just the top bud ..the sides are already off and in the freezer .




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59 minutes ago, vince noir rock n roll star said:

thank you to whoever made this subbies bean

What seeds were they?






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