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Your Best Photos Of Plants Grown Under DIYLEDUK kits

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Forgot about this thread :D


Sweet Amnesia Haze - Day 60 Flower - CXM370 set at 250 watts with 25 watts added 1750K Vero



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Sweet Seeds - Do Sweet Dos - Plant (B) 02/05/2020

Samsung In-Flux L09 running at 240 watts 2 inches from canopy and 70 watts of Buddies Red and White Leds.






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Dinafem - Quick Gorilla Day 55 Flower - Lower Buds AKA Larf - Being lit by TEKNIKS Buddies - 02/05/2020

Distance to buds from touching to 10cm strings at 70 watts total.

The little Buddies do a great job at giving a little more penetration to the bottoms of plants.




Above image Buddies as described Main Lights Samsung L09 running at 240 watts at the wall. 

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Day 26.


Been on a shit diet of 22 c lights on discarded really to busy to show any love till a few days ago.


I came home one night to them hitting the light with the filter at the top of the ickle tent.


I chucked another screen on, super cropped.A few days later raised the lights extracting out the bottom passive inlets at top laid on light fitting.


Now sitting at 27 c after changing extraction around.:D


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Orange Juice under the QX75 Board

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Here are some photos of my recent adventures with my dialled in V1 Scope Strips. I am still blown away by the beautiful late flower colours and trichome production with these lights.


Dimmed to 470w 14inches from the top of the plants.



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Sweet Amnesia Haze - Day 70 Flower - CXM370 set to 250 watt with added 25 watt 1750k Vero.



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Samsung Scopes 375W x3 in a H2.2m x L2.2m x H2.2m Greenqube tent.  All 3 fixtures running at 335W=1005W total. Hand-watered (hopefully last time before I set up Tropf Blumats!).  Many thanks @diyleduk very happy grower here.  Tight internodes, loads of scope (excuse pun) for stretchier strains (packets of Oldtimes seeds winking at me), easy to pack and store although I'm currently doing back-to-back grows in the lockdown :smug:.




I hang the plants whole to slow down the drying in my dry grow space.  Fixture on to light the grow space they have just been chopped from.



Bodhi's Lotus Larry Week 10 Day 68



Sweet Seeds' Crystal Candy Week 10 Day 68



Sweet Seeds' Jack 47 Week 10 Day 68


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edit: punctuation
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HSO - The New / OGKZ / Bubba's Gift @ day 63

2 x Growmau5 Logic 500 - each set at 390W ~18" from canopy

Can't imagine lighting getting any better really! 




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Day 39.


Full power from day1.


I managed to drag down them to 8 inches away from led.


Not problems with frying the buds yet.lol



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Day 54.


Put the power meter on 237w out the score turned right up.The red strips 33w each.Total 303 W.


The soils performing a bit too well.Hopefully she will change colour bit soon.


2 little calyx growing on the fan leaves.






Edited by icki

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HSO Velvet Octane at 21 days old from seed on a single Highlight 220w board dimmed down to 90w and set 25 inches from the plants:


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Disco Biscuit , harvested just over 70 days was under Growmau5 Logic fixtures :smoke:




Farmer G 

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UGORG Killer Skunk 6 Weeks into Flower under 180w of Scope V2 & 90w of Highlight, total of 270w...



The legend lives on...:smoke:

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Day 67.


The latest Mountain Organic soil mix smashing it, with a bit of SF60.


Just add water and Scope.:D


This soil mix really is something else.The lighting has been an experience learned loads mostly that 12 inch minimum, then the expression changes for the worse buds less sticky and cooked.


Heres a few that survived the torment.




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