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Ocean Grown Cookies, Dinamed and More - Multi Strain Dinafem Flower Show.

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The plants are around 28 days old and it’s been 4 days since I potted them up and they are loving the fresh compost and are really going for it putting on a nice spurt of growth, I can start to see what structure each plant will have.


They have had a watering with plain water and now I can see some roots at the drain holes on some then I will start to introduce some bio silicon and some Fishmix next time they are watered, only 1ml of each to start with.


They will be getting another 2 to 3 weeks veg  then it’s 12/12.


I have lots of photos so let’s begin with the 4 Ocean Grown Cookies








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Purps 1







Purps 2






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Bubba Kush







Runty Remo Chemo 






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Alright there @Smokebelch


Your girls look happy and healthy mate, always so tidy in here.


The Remo does look a bit runty, seams to be common in veg, out of the two I popped one has made it and it didn’t really like veg to much, it had that leathery look to the leaves, all good now its into flower tho,


Take it easy.Jj:yinyang:

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 Yes @Smokebelch

what a beautiful selection of veggies you have there.  Mine are a similar age to yours, but you can tell I’m still vegging under a prop light. 

  You will be about three weeks ahead of me in flower, I can use your diary as what’s to come guide. Thanks in advance

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@Smokebelch, your plants look wonderful, sexy & very healthy sir :bong::wub:


You are putting us all to shame with your superior photos, presentation & attention to detail though! :cowboy: We all need to up our game now & I'm just not going to be able to cut it with my phone camera. I'll get me coat :sadwalk:



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Hit post before I finished editing.....
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another belch grow coming together beautiful work going on in here. and the pics are bad either.


:cheers:  nice work brother belch



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@Jibba jabba@Rampa Green@AKPOG@samhighThanks for all the kind words dudes, it makes all the time and effort well worth it.


I am a single bloke who lives on his own who has a lot of time to fill so if I wasn’t spending my spare time doing this diary I would only be lazing around watching tv. 


I am having a couple of weekends off the edibles as I am feeling a bit burnt out from them and I need to reset the tolerance. I have been hitting the Evo Cloud this morning though and the sunlight coming through the window is highlighting the vapour big time so out came the camera


Thick and Creamy Evo Clouds







4 of my plants needed watering last night and all of them have roots coming out of the drain holes so they finally got fed some nutrients, only small amounts 1ml of Fishmix and 0.5ml of BioSilicon. 


I got a couple of growroom shots a couple of days ago, the plants are quite a bit bigger now, I will take a few shots this evening after the lights have been on for an hour, they look less droopy then.


Dinafems Enjoying the 400w Mh 




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Yesterday I noticed some tiny roots starting to come up through the top of the compost on the Gorilla so this afternoon I set up my macro gear and got some extreme close ups of the hairy white roots, they look awesome and its due to the Mycorrmax inoculant working its magic down in the rootball.


While it was set up I took a few macros of the leaves and stems, as you can see it looks like there are some small trichomes on the leaves and unbelievably they are also on the stems, I love extreme macro photos, the uncover a whole new world that you cant really see with the naked eye.


Finally while it was out of the tent it would be rude not to take a few shots of this well structured beautiful plant. I think I said another 2 to 3 weeks veg but if these plants continue growing as vigorously as they have been then I think they will be ready for flower before that.


Gorilla Surface Roots








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Dinafem Gorilla in Veg


















Edited by Smokebelch
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On 18/03/2019 at 10:00 PM, Smokebelch said:

No worries dude, some weeks will have a lot of updates and some less depending on work shifts.


That's fine with me brother, just greatful for the amazingly detailed updates :yep:


All the best 



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Coming upto week 5 and all plants look stunning  ;)


Given another 2-3 seeking in this vegative stage then bloom this is going to be one epic flower show  :yep:


Another very in-depth update by @Smokebelch:bong:


All the best 



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Beautiful pics mate.

well impressed with your shots.  Think I might have to think about thinking of buying a decent camera. Just for the weed shots mind. Just thinking about it though if you get me.

seriously fella, you get some amazing pics.  

I might print them all out, frame them and set up a shrine. All because I was a tiny little ball, bouncing amongst and poppin all those thc balls I’m a tiny Rampa, boingggggggg popppppp!!!!!

Edited by Rampa Green
Realising what the bubble were. Doh

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@Dinafem-MarkCheers dude, these plants are flying along, I deffo needed a new Mh bulb. 


@Rampa GreenCheers dude, yeah having a decent camera does help. I am using a Lumix FZ1000 bridge camera. THC balls, lol!


I have taken some photos earlier so gonna do an update now.

Edited by Smokebelch
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