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"Gasolina.. dame mas Gasolina" 






Genetic lineage: OG Kush x Chemdawg 
Indoor flowering time: 8-9 weeks 
Height: Indoor: 80-110 cm | Outdoor: 1,5-2,5m 
Yield: Indoor: 500-600 g/m² | Outdoor: 600-1200g/plant 
Taste/Smell  smooth and delicate smell, intense flavour combination: sour lemon, pine and earthy with a pungent diesel/fuel taste. 
Effect: intense and long lasting, it combines an uplifting and stimulating high with a more sedative Indica effect. 

This exciting American Chem OG cannabis strain is the result of crossing an OG Kush mother, with a highly potent original Chemdawg father. Chem OG is a strong, resistant and sturdy stemmed plant. Thanks to her genes the plants present OG Kush-type buds, really dense and pop-corn shaped. 

Our Chem OG feminized seeds will give you a highly productive plant, with light green colored leaves (with different phenos, the leaves tend to get a yellowish green aspect) and vivid green buds. These buds are abundantly covered with orange pistils giving the plant a beautiful and attractive appearance. Besides the orange pistils the buds have with a very noticeable layer of wonderful trichomes. 

The smoke from the Chem OG strain is smooth and delicate, she charms with an intense combination of flavors. One can clearly distinguish pleasant notes of lemon, pine, earthy and a woody flavor. That is thanks to its OG Kush origins, while thanks to the Chemdawg father gives the strain a very distinctive, prominent sour taste of with that typical diesel/fuel taste. 

The long lasting effect of Chem OG is intense, and combines two different but balanced highs. At first an uplifting and stimulating high, which then develops into a more indica effect developing a more sedative effect. Even though is not a complete couch-locker strain, it still helps you relax and alleviate stress.


helps you relax and alleviate stress.

Right... I'm on it! 



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Very looking forward! Chem OG and Skele-Toro, what a magical combination :yep:

Mr B.

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I have been prepping things up and making sure everything is secure with this system.. haven't used it in a while!

It's been running for a week with a heavy bleach solution. 
Now I have just emptied, cleaned it out, and re-filled with fresh water... I hope I got all the bleach out of the tubes!?

Should be ok after a week I guess?


New air stones...  smaller but I guess more tangle free?

One thing I'm having serious issues with is the chiller!  The way i have it set is causing me annoying issues...  I guess because it's designed to be under a fish tank... as I keep having air locks! I can fix them temporarily by disconnecting the tubing and refilling with water.. But it tends to happen again when the water drops level. 

Cant take the risk of the water stopping circulating mid way again. Fucking annoying!  maybe another exterior pump midline? 

I dunno... but I got so angry with it I've removed it! The water is flying round now!


Sooooo... here are the victims!

I initially cracked just 4 CHEM OG,  quietly confident in my usual 100% success, but I had a slight panic attack and popped another 4 a few days later in case 1 or 2 did not come through! 
No Need!  The first 4 were fine and are still the strongest so far...


Rinsed off the clay balls good and got them ready... Last time I used a larger piece of rockwool for the seedlings but I'm trying something different this time by sticking with the small ones. They will anchor in just fine. 

With the balls that sank to the bottom of the bucket I had an idea...


I'll pop one of these in the bottom of each pot with the hopes that they will harbour the microorganisms and slow the need to re-innoculate after rez change.   "SCIENCE N SHEEET" 


Here's what I'll be starting with but I'll also be adding Great White soon. 
Great White is the real deal for this system from what I have seen. 


Below are the nutes I'll be using... new for me really as I used to use Canna but was recommended this instead. 

You can see the Micro is tuned for soft water so maybe reduce the need for constant cal/mag additions. 
I haven't decided if I will be using the Lucas Method and eliminating the Grow yet, My friend suggested it... what are your thoughts?




Ready to Roll.

I wish I had a tri-meter and the chiller was working hassle free but this is where I'm at...
I will be inoculating very soon and the plants will be added to the system soon after...    


I'm a bit of a novice with all hydro so all help welcomed! 


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Posted (edited)

Alright folks?


2 weeks in and all seems to be ok so far. 

The brew was a touch on the hot side for them to start, a few tips got burnt from the baby leaves but no worries, they soon adjusted and are guzzling good guns now!




Haven't had to adjust P.h till today... crept up slowly from 5.5 -6.1 



I added the Great White last week and seems to have started to work nicely!





lets see what happens in the next 2 weeks...

Edited by SKELE-TORO
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Posted (edited)



Ay Up!


Loads of growth these last 2 weeks! This is the true benefit of hydro in action!  From seed... so would have been much faster from cuttings too!

I'm amazed myself by the growth rate compared to last compo run!  What you can't see clearly in the pics are the amount of side branches under those canopies. 

These are some beautifly bushy babies!  Also a lot of uniformity in this run so far too, which makes my life a bit easier in this system. 

I had a little scare early on but we corrected and sailed through... I didnt raise the E.C quick enough and they started to show Cal/Mg defs on the older fan leaves. I have removed them now but some scarring still remains (pics below) .. Greedy girls. 
I've let these go a bit longer than usual as they seem very indica swung... But I'm gonna have to flower these out now or they will get too fat!





Lots of good healthy growth this week. 

They look very green but I dont think I'm overdoing it on the N too much as I'm using the Lucas System and only using MICRO/BLOOM 




They have all had one 'top' this last week. Just pinched out the leading head. 

I may only give them one more, as I only wanna encourage side branching and I think I might be ok with the height. 

(remember this part so you can take this piss if they smash through the roof)




Here are the scars left by the deficiencies... now on the lowest fan leafs of a couple of plants.  After that mental growth spurt I wasn't quick enough to add more MICRO by the looks of it... after I added more up to the 1.0 EC mark they seem to have leveled out, got good colour and defs. halted. 

This is the scary part now though... switching to flower.

Getting the measurements correct are crucial as there is gonna be an almighty pull of nutes once those lights hit 12/12. 

as I'm not sure what the balance is like with the Cal & Mg in my res, so instead of just adding more flowering nutes to the brew I think I should do a full empty and refill with the new flowering schedule.  I'd probably be ok doing it that way as my total volume of solution is huge in this 55L pot system, but I'd rather play it safe and clean.  





The Great White and the bennys are clearly working wonders,  roots are so fresh they are almost crispy feeling... extremely healthy and they feel alive! 

You can literally feel the difference in your fingers, they feel reinforced and don't break of in your hand or feel weak at all like normally. 
I somehow expected the water to almost be a cloudy and real smelly soup after so long... but its clear and smells fresh. 

You could smell the Great White a bit for 2 days after adding it (musty smell) but it faded and smells fresh now. 
I not using a chiller as I mentioned and have had res temps up in the 24s early on.. HAVE to keep an eye on that, but regular root inspections look good so far.  




1.0 EC

As I mentioned this is the hardest part for me now balancing the nute switch... wish me luck. 




Edited by SKELE-TORO
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Right that's enough veg time now.. I gotta put these beasts in flower! 



I've tried to avoid doing anything to these all the way really. I've topped them once that's it...

I wanted to see their natural shape,  But after looking at all the side branching inside I've just had to take off those fan leaves.  lolBloody ridiculous, they were blocking all the light! 

These are quite possibly the biggest fan leaves yet! 



Just some aerial shots to show the amount of heads...




I have replaced the res completely and made up a 1-1 solution of micro and bloom up to 1.0 E.C

Roots still look and feel very healthy and waste water was very clear.   I've also added a new batch of Great White for good measure. 

Lets go. 


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Posted (edited)

Hello @SKELE-TORO, how's it going? Enjoying the grow 'till now?

Seems like some uniform and proper Chem OG, also quite leafy, really nice :) Those leaves are huge, but also super beautiful and healthy.
And thanks a lot for sharing some roots porn, impressive how beautiful and healthy they can be.

You also solved the deficiency super rapidly, cheers for that! They look perfectly fine again! 


Can't wait to see them flowering!

Thanks for the constant updates and detailed descriptions, I am able to follow every step with lots of pleasure.

Take care and until next update,
Mr B.

Edited by Owderb
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What's crackin peeps?


The Girls seem to be very happy this week. Explosive growth as I expected... but not as much height as I expected. 

That's cool though, they're all very uniform at this stage, front right is maybe a little taller. (I may even switch the right side two round now just for aesthetics.)


I'm really proud of how they've handled the grow so far they really are healthy looking at the moment, lush and green... and not giving me grief! 

I think I just have my E.C dialled in nice for them?  It seems to be sitting level at the moment and they drinking good!  Still no defs showing and I've just left them to it. EASY.

The stems have toughened up loads this last week on cue and are feeling more woody, I try to gently pry them apart get some light in there but they spring back well easy...

I think I'll supercrop them a little now and spread them slightly. 


The Ph has been SUPER stable all the way. Its creeping up slightly through a week but super slow... but if I reduce it down to 5.5 it stays low for too long.

I put that stability down to the Nutes or maybe even the Beneficials.. I would prefer that it is more stable anyway .. saves the work and the worry. 
I have just opted to just keep it a touch higher from now on. (especially in flower) I'm about the renew the res as they guzzled it all!  Maybe push the E.c slightly too.:smug:

Now... Do I use a flower booster or am I gonna shoot myself in the foot!?  :unsure:


Aerial shots





Root porn.



Bud porn.


Is that it!?


Yes. that's it. Dunno why, but we're 2 weeks in and I can't see a pistil yet :ermm:
Patience I guess.




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Plants look great and nice roots!

Enjoying seeing your approach with beneficials and obviously seemingly seeing benefit.

Have you had root problems previously? Or are things like the chiller and benes more on the preventive side of things?

The best chems are the ones with slightly more stretch ime it's an intresting strain to look through and there are some very very nice plants in amoung the very nice plants lol (I haven't done female seeds version however...)

Keep the updates coming please I'd love to watch you till harvest with this.



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On 20/04/2019 at 10:24 PM, stu sleeper 20vt said:

Plants look great and nice roots!

Enjoying seeing your approach with beneficials and obviously seemingly seeing benefit.

Have you had root problems previously? Or are things like the chiller and benes more on the preventive side of things?

The best chems are the ones with slightly more stretch ime it's an intresting strain to look through and there are some very very nice plants in amoung the very nice plants lol (I haven't done female seeds version however...)

Keep the updates coming please I'd love to watch you till harvest with this.




Yes Stu brother!   All good?

I have to admit this run has changed the game for me now... so far at least!

You've seen where I've been at along the way, you've visited my various RDWC grows from the start and been helping me out with getting to grips this system and Hydro in general... so thanks for that. 

I was really getting to my last straw with this RDWC after striking out so many times.  I finished a few runs without benes but with lackluster results that were disappointing given the money and time put into it. 

I've learnt a lot along the way. LESS IS MORE!


I have only had one issue with roots before, but it was down to the chiller airlocking and stopping water circulation... A slimy and horrible mess ensued. Nevertheless, I'm extremely paranoid about Pyth, Fusarium etc. and do take preventative measures. (before with H202 and now Benes) I've seen how fast it can decimate your crop... not to mention getting rid of it from the system full stop. 

Before, I was running a sterile res and adding H202 regularly. I think the other nutes (CANNA) were causing a lot of issues too..

There was a few main issues that stood out to me... But I really couldn't nail it down exactly and had to reset and start fresh.  

The Mg/Cal levels were never right with just the nutes alone as they weren't specced for Soft water. I had individual Mg and Cal bottles and was adding, but I was struggling to manage levels without under/overdoing it.  I was forever changing the P.h as well, always hovering over the tank adjusting everyday it was a lot of work. Also issues with the chiller airlocking ment I couldn't just leave it to it, I always had to be checking. 


With this current setup (General Hydroponics - LUCAS) the P.h has been solid as a rock. I could leave it a week or so without making adjustments to the Ph.  Maybe it's the Benes keeping it sweet or maybe it's the nutes like I said, but whatever it is, it's keeping it easy for me and stopping me from constantly flapping over the system 24/7. The plants look happy and that's what it's all about. 

I was warned at the very start of my RDWC adventures, by many people, to get benes but I couldn't source the Great White... I was using Tarantula & Piranha but I really didn't see much difference, and certainly not to the extent or the speed that the Great White took effect!  I think its working amazing... I have never seen such healthy roots. 

The main thing now is keeping them happy till D-Day and keeping the roots healthy.
Problems have usually well arisen by now so I'm happy at where they're at at this stage. I'm hoping they put on some good weight but we have to wait for that.  still can't see any hairs... 


I haven't any experience with this strain yet... but I do like my Diesel flavour! and expect a bit of oomph!
I've decided to do 2 week updates for more impact between photos, hopefully the next shots will be pretty! 


cheers ST




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Posted (edited)

Cool! things are cool.

Thank for the compliment mate its really appreciated as you know Its nice to pass on the baton of knowledge.

It's hard earned lol

I'll look up the great white,interesting results and with the summer coming and Im in a loft and don't run a chiller.I've been very lucky not to have had any issues but those roots look the biz

They looked a little imature to flower from seed maybe?if the leaves are oposite instead of staggered they too young to bloom...Obviously you can force it but it takes longer than a sexually mature plant would,they've bunched up at the tips in your photo ready to go any day!

Watching with interest




Edited by stu sleeper 20vt
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Another RDWC user! :oldtoker:


Tag along if its cool.




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Yes yes!

Another 2 weeks have passed and although we're at the 4 week stage, the buds formed are only at about the 2 week stage. 

Things are still looking good though. Plants feel strong and healthy, and buds are coming good now! 

I gave them a good bend out last time and they have reacted well.


Individual Aerial shots




Bud shots with and without flash


I gotta feeling these are gonna be big bats, they have stretched out some more this week and I don't think they are finished yet.  


Under canopy trim



Things were well overgrown down there, I had to remove lots of bud sites and wispy stems from under the canopy. Got a good bucket full of leaves.


Root action 



I don't think they are gonna get much bigger than this but we'll see at the end. 



I was gonna get Canna PK 13/14 but decided on this...  Just need to add the full dosage to the rez at week 6 (7/8 in my case) and your good to go.  





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Posted (edited)


Beautiful sight and beautiful pictures, really liked the aerial ones in particular ;) thanks for all these updates @SKELE-TORO

I must say that I am also totally new with RWDC and Chem OG, it's the first time I see a journal about the Chem OG with such growing method...the deficiencies I guess are strongly related to your system, that's why I can't be of much help as I am not an expert of RWDC at all.
Anyway, you solved everything and plants look super healthy (love the green colour of them, such a sign of good health), that's what matters in the end. And any diesel smell developing yet?


The fact that it took 2 weeks to properly start flowering does not surprise me that much, as many strains of our collection are indeed slow beginners. Anyhow, after the training and bending you did, I am sure you'll be able to get the most out of this strain because if well trained and treated those few innocent pistyls will form hard rock colas :D 

Keep up the good work my friend, take care.

All the best,
Mr B.

Edited by Owderb
Quote removed
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Hey people,

Thought I'd take the shots with the lights off tonight, amazing how different they come out with flash!

Too green? My E.C is at 1.4 atm (as far as i'll take it!)  so they are getting maxed out. maybe a bit too much N for this stage. Seems like they are handling it ok all round though, just a touch of clawing on the baby leaves. 

I'm gonna leave it at that. I'll change the full rez next week. Maybe rebalance the mix at 1.3


Aerial shots




Bud Shots






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