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Notorious B.U.D

Medusa Baseline Tray Fittings - Help needed

Hi Everyone 


Im hoping someone one who uses these on here can just quickly confirm the bits and pieces that I will need to set one of these systems up.


I plan on setting 9 of the medusa large baseline trays up to get rid of the runoff to be pumped away to a separate tank (RTW) and I want to use 25mm pipe work and it will be set up in 3 rows of 3 trays so there will be 3 lines going into the brain (medusas own low profile one not the bucket type)

I have been on various hydro sites that sell them but I can't find one that makes it completely clear what fittings I would need to set it up but from what I've worked out I think I need (per tray)


1 x IWS 25mm sealing gland 

2 x IWS 25mm washers

1 x IWS 25mm plastic nut


Is this what I need to connect each tray to the 25mm pipe work? I know I'll also need other 25mm Elbows and Tees to make up the runs.


Also I'm unsure what fittings I need for the medusa brain, it says it has 6 inlets and I will only be using 3 so I assume I need the same 25mm sealing glands, washers & nuts that I'd use for the trays?


Ill also need to plug the 3 unused inlets to the brain and I think that the outlet from the pump in the brain is 13mm so ill just run 13mm pipe back to the collection tank but can someone please confirm all of this for me please 


Any other tips/recommendations would be much appreciated thanks 


Notorious B.U.D :smoke:

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could one of the mods please delete one of these posts please an error came up when posting and I've posted it twice by mistake 

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