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T SCOT 420 tae!

Scottish Outdoors...New...Some help would be greatly appreciated! :)

Yo ,Hows it going


Recently thought about doing a grow outdoors in Scottish weather, got some Early Skunk Auto Flowering seeds from sensi seeds, heard they were easy to grow for 1st timers looked at reviews and seemed amazing and was wondering if anyone could give me some tips/help from start to finish what do to , just what soil should I use outdoors, feed , times of year to start :wallbash: etc its quite cold over here still but summer is coming:yinyang:


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55 minutes ago, T SCOT 420 tae! said:

Recently thought about doing a grow outdoors in Scottish weather


The Outdoor section would've been a better choice for this topic ;)


Get a nice spot with as much sun as possible. That's the most important thing at your latitude. Nettles are a sign for good soil if you don't want to grow in your own garden. Dig the soil over maybe add some hornmeal + cow/chickenpellets/batguano and the plants will grow themselfes. Give them a month of veg before plantout though. A southfacing window shelf should be enough.


Autos are a good choice for your latitude. Sow them in april/may and they will finish after ~90 days in july/august. You'll only get an ounce per plant though probably even less with no growing experience. You should also try some semi autos/early photos. Will be a better yield and you can spread the finishing times a little in case of bad weather.


Have a look at serious seeds "serious 6" - a mould resistant, september finishing outdoor strain.


Also check out HybridsfromHell.net Very cheap and early seeds bread in Denmark (similar latitude to scottland). Don't expect too much quality wise though. Some plants might lack in potency or "bagappeal".


http://seedheaven.net/shop/ got a lot of outdoorvarieties aswell - worth a look.


And last but not least https://www.realgorillaseeds.com/product-category/real-gorilla-seeds/outdoor-feminised/@panik would surely help you out if you can't decide wich strain to pick.


Good luck

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Aye good luck trying to grow in the 3 weeks of sun we get lol. Nah they do not bad to be fair. Mine got eaten in the wild but know a few folk that do it in their gardens with a fair bit of success. If your going gorilla you'll need a fair bit of pest proofing. Lots of evil bastard wee critters that love to munch the ganja.

I'd stick with XXL autos if you want any sort of decent yield. Seedstockers, Dutch passion and fastbuds do plenty of reliable, sturdy enough autos. Start em off in the house though. 2 weeks to get them rooted before going outside. 

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