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Linking veg and flower cabs (lengthy post warning)

So I'm currently in the process of building my second cabinet, a flowering cabinet. 

I currently have a 1x1x2 cabinet thats used for clones and vegging. 

It's got a 6" hyperfan and speed/temp controller venting into the garage and a passive intake at the bottom of the cab.


For light in the clone shelf it has 1, 13w or 21w cfl (I forget) and the vegging light is 4 vero29s. I have a 16" fan I've frankensteined (due to space limitations) to blow over my lights and down onto the plants 

The clone shelf is site to a aero cloner and the vegging area had a 4 pot wilma system 

The new cabinet isn't going to have any shelves built into it just a 4 pot wilma system at the bottom then 8 vero29s running for the whole of lights on, during midday of the light cycle I have two 18w uv bulbs to blast the plants with for 2/3 hours a day, above that will be another basterasized fan to cool the cobs and allow for air circulation around the plants, originally I intended on running the hyperfan previously mentioned to extract from both cabinets with the heat probe in the flower room, and a passive intake coming from the veg cabinet to the flower and exhausting out the flower so during lights off (in flower) I kinda utilise the heat from the veg but my worry is humidity as using the wilma systems I'm going to be dragging the humidity as well as heat from the veg room with no lights to dry the air out.. I've read people have previously vented from veg to flower with success but they've not mentioned whether they're using a recirculating system like me or soil or whatever,


my worry is also about the fan controller as one room is going to be warmer then the other generally and my if my probe is in the flower room it's going to tell the fan in the veg room to work harder to cool the the flower room and inevitably the veg room is going to run colder then it should be.. I feel like I should just invest in another 6" fan and controller but.. If I can avoid another 300 quid spends I will aha 


Any advice would be appreciated my dudes, can add pictures later if that would help with my lengthy question 

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Just hook the veg extract into the flower intake, no fan - passive...have the probe in flower...if necessary heat the veg intake.. it will work fine...


I grow mainly hydro, sometimes compost.....this is exactly how I do it...good luck...default_thumbsup.gif

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I’ve flip flopped 2 flowering rooms together before just by putting a 6” fan in 6” fan out in a loop and had the 2 rooms running 11:45 instead of 12 on alternate cycles, a veg tent wouldn’t even need that as stu says. Would use long section of ducting and snake it between the 2 areas to stop light ingress though.

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Make sure your intake is bigger than your outake so if your outtake is 6” would have an 8” intake atleast another way to do would be run two ducts into a y splitter and have your fan/filter outside the tent.

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