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Attic grow room made with insulation board

Insulating my loft space entirely is obviously going to be very costly so I would like to avoid this if possible. I have seen a few ideas on here and am thinking maybe I could just build a small room and put a tent in it.


If I use 150mm insulated board all around do you think that will be sufficient insulation?  Does the insulation need to be covered with plaster board?


I'm thinking passive air intake from bedroom into the groom.  Thermostat oil radiator outside of the tent and maybe a tube heater in the tent.


I'm thinking possibly avoid growing in high summer due to temps in loft space and just stick to growing in summer.


If I did try a grow in summer, could I put a/c in bedroom to cool passive intake and ramp up the extraction fan in loft to get temps down?



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No loft insulation.

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I grow in the loft in DIY room made out of 50mm insulation board and temps have been fine for me. I do now take intake from bedroom below which puts my intake temp currently at around 14c and my loft temp around 6c.


Vent to near soffits and did have a mild panic attack when the snow was coming down thinking I would be like the house above but when I got home all was fine. This morning I had a little patch which had gone from snow to ice but I don't think it looked out of place. I think it's because I know it's there I noticed it. Looking around I saw 2 houses that had ZERO snow on, and when they are semi detached and the house next door has got a full roof that looked way more suspect.


I haven't done summer grow yet but I think it will be harder than winter due to temps. I might try one but I'm fully expecting to stop for half a year and just do two/three throughout the winter. I think though as long as the intake temps are low enough you should be ok, ESP with 100mm+ of insulation.




Edit: you'll need to build a wooden frame for the insulation to sit on, I wouldn't build it just out board. Also keep holes to a minimum and think about the door. I didn't think enough about door and it's been a bit of a pain and will need remaking at some point.

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Good to know the level of success with 50mm. 


By wooden frame do you mean like stud partition and slot the insulation in between that?  The reason I thought all board construction is so there are no breaks/gaps in the insulation.


I have been thinking about the door actually.  My initial thoughts are to make it as small as possible, like a crawl through, and just use the board to plug the hole.  Maybe hinge one side and seal with tape and then cover the door with another bigger piece of insulation bigger than the door to insulated gaps.  Don't know.


What would you suggest about the door?



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Youre thinking along the right lines but I can assure you that when youve finished you will think of better ways it could have been done :wallbash:


If you have a timber frame it will help support the insulation board (more robust than just using insulating board), the insulation board will also help with regard to keeping temps down in summer . 

Door could be ply wood hung with big T hinges of the timber frame,  stick some insulation board to it. 

Intake in summer could be cooled with a/c , you need good extraction (carbon filter) to keep pulling the hot air out. 


I grow in the roof all year around, can get tricky at temp extremes but it works fine for me. 



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