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Choosing a 150mm (and then possibly a 200mm) axial extractor fan

I'm currently looking to replace my rather noisy aluminum winding centrifugal extractor with something a little less powerful that can be mounted inside my vegging tent as space is becoming a little bit of a problem. I'm looking to get something with just over 500m3/h (1.2m grow tent with a 600w MH and about 4m of ducting on the end going into DIY silencer box that works rather well).


I'm currently looking at this Black Orchid Mixed Flo fan and was wondering whether anyone has any experience...




Reviews seem to be somewhat mixed (as is always the case) with some saying it's a bargain to completely useless and loud as a jet engine. Does anyone have this fan or could recommend a similar one that's better for the money (looking to spend about 70 GBP)? There are lots of other mixed flo fans out there, but Black Orchid stuff hasn't let me down so far so seems like a good starting point. I need to get it within the next 3 weeks. Lots of other brands out there like RAM etc. that also look good.


Ideally I'd like to get a good one that I'm happy with and then get the 200mm version from the same series for my 2.4*1.2m flower area that I'll be setting up in 4-5 weeks.


TLDR; Please recommend me a good 150mm axial fan or series that includes 150mm and 200mm. Noise down the duct isn't as important as ambient noise.


P.S. Too good to be true?



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