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Recently had two pretty weird plants. Thought it would be a good idea to open a topic for these cripples/freaks/plants that don't show an ordinary growth. :photo:


Here we go...


A White Russian regular



I've seen some plants that grew three branches out of one node. This one even grew four (and four fan leafs). Also notice how big the stem of the lower internode is. Had to kill this plant a couple of days ago though because it was male. RIP...


This is one out of four Cinderella 99 F6s (regular)


These girls were meant for breeding so I hope the other three are going to be fine. I'm going to keep "Copterella" anyway. Maybe the buds are going to be fine if it's a girl...


One I found yesterday looking online for some Outdoortrains to try. Haven't taken the picture myself credit goes to Master Kroblo. The plant is a Sweet'n Sour by Spliff Seeds.


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