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les strips


Grow area inches 50L 25W 82H.
Maximum growth area height inches 60
8 2ft LED strips 3500k 3000k
Ink bird temperature.
Ink bird humidity.
6" exhaust fan
Auto pots.
Tower fan.

I will be switching to flower stage hopefully Friday, this will be the first time with LED strips. Looking for some advice.

1. What would be the best height from canopy, at the moment my height is 20 inches.

2. Driver parallel, home run wiring I believe it's called, voltage 40v, amps 10,only trouble this is driver can't turn it down a lot if I turn it half way the light isn't that bright, so it seems to be all or nothing.



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20 inches could be considered quite safe. Which is a good thing. You can have issues with getting too close (like I did - I'm currently up at around 16-20" myself, I've been raising!) but at 20" you've probably got scope for closing in still when you're happy the vpd and any environmental factors are in range. That said it also depends on the intensity of your leds. 


What strips and driver do you have? Cable guages/lengths? A quick calc reveals 8.6 square foot needs about 260 Watts.. between 8 strips they'd be at 32 Watts each.. rambles..


Exciting times. I'm no expert, still learning hard but I'd stay further away and creep in bit by bit. I've been amazed at the resin production low in the canopy compared to higher up where I'd been blasting them with too close leds. The light penetration is actually remarkable. There'll be hardly any shadowing and with all that dispersion. 


Still depends on the power you hit em with some




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