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RO Water

Evening all,


I’ve pretty much blocked my second carbon filter because of running tap water through my humidifier. I was getting 100ltrs of RO at a time from the aquarium shop but became a pain in the arse but I think it’s really time I got myself an RO filter.


I’ve only got a little 1.2 tent with a 315 cmh and 600 hps in, I usually do from 4-8 plants and have to fill up my 8l humidifier every day in early veg... So never going to be using loads of water. I figured if I’m getting a filter I may as well use it for water the plants as well.


I’ve been looking at 3 different RO filters In my local grow shop, ranging between £217-308. First is a Power grow 500, then a Maxquarium at £242 and finally the Max grow 1000. Which one do you think you be suitable for my needs? Having never used one before are the 2 chamber filters much slower than the 3 chamber? 


Also looked at the 5 stage household jobbies for about £100, are these as good? And would it be that difficult to fit? They’re a damn site cheaper than the ones in the hydro shop!


Any help advice would be much appreciated :yep:

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Hey mate , I bought mine from the water company for about £170 don't have a model number but it's a 9ltr tank that uses 15ltr to fill (the rest runs to waste) I'm not on a water meter so I don't care lol but it's ideal and has 5 stages . Sorted out all my issues and my humidifier doesn't get limescale now either 

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I have attached mine to the supply for the spare loo, using bits from the depths of the shed! I just open the valve when i want to start filling a bucket. Pictures taken from the toilet of Trainspotting.  




-I run the red waste to another bucket if there is anything to throw it on garden wise, otherwise it's poked down the bath plug :mellow:


-just above 4bar pressure gives me roughly 20 litres of water every couple hours.  


-It is 3 stage and completely strips my water to 0 from 1.1 (EC) 


I am 100% shite with anything practical such as this, so apologies for anyone who can't bare to look :ninja:


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Cheers for the replies people. I needed to go to the hydro shop for a new carbon filter and few bits today. Ended up getting the Maxquarium filter as I needed one to start using with my new cf. 


An expense I could have done without at the min but hopefully it’ll be all systems go and happy plants from here on out :skin_up:

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I had this problem.


i was using ultrasonic humidifiers and the hard water caused my carbon filter to clog up with powdery mineral deposits. It also began coating the inside of my extractor fan on the blades etc


i switched to an evaporative humidifier which leaves behind the minerals in its filter and the problem went away.


i only have to change the tank every two days aswell straight from the tap.

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