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Dwc help

Hi guys,


I'm building a dwc set up for my next grow. I normally grow about 6 plants of the same genetics so I have opted for one big res. I am using a 50l res and was planning on using a 500l/ph pump connected to 4 air stones. Will that pump be strong enough or should I get a bigger one. I have tested it and there seems to be plenty of bubbles coming to the surface I just wanted to make sure. 

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Just now, Jigg said:

plenty of bubbles coming to the surface


The bubbles won't put oxygen into the water, it's the water's surface contact with the air which oxygenates.

The more water/nutes exposed the better so you're looking for a rolling/boiling motion on the surface.

I've got two eheim 400's running 4 golfball airstones in 12-15 ltrs, it's like a witches couldron in there...:rofl:

Dissolved oxygen is probably the most important part of dwc growing bud, lack of it caught me out once before...

Good luck


stu :oldtoker:

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I used the nut/iws four site big res once, found roots fighting for space was an issue.

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