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vince noir rock n roll star

cbd cream caramel suprises

few days ago i accidentally swallowed a load of cobwebby dust ,i was sneezing at the time .and subsequently ended up with a racking cough and chest infection which then sort of turned into a head cold sinus snotball from hell ,i usually just continue to smoke the odd one skinner neat ,or vape but this time the wife bought some cold remedy with decongestion stuff ,after taking two ..i discovered my tinitus was becoming unbearably loud ,the headache didnt go ,my cough hurt bad ,i didnt feel well at all ,id done the netty pot to try and clear my sinus but nothing came out ..at first ..managed to shift some of it but by 7pm i was feeling like i was coming down off of a bad mushroom trip so went to bed ..slept on and off for 12 hours ,woke feeling like id been on a bad trip ,felt really ill ,had to go to hospital for an eye appointment ..i was feeling a bit rough and snotty ..but got there and back ..then i remembered ive got a cbd cream caramel hanging ...just dry enough to grind one up ..so i did ..


this is the bit that im struggling to get my head around as the last time i had cbd it had a bit of a weird mind fuck thing to it for me ...but no ..it has cleared all of the weird head pains ,my sinus doesnt hurt and feels a lot easier to breath ,my chest feels normal ..no aching ribs from the coughing either ,the numb eye ache has gone altogether .im sitting here thinking is it me making it up ..but no ..i genuinely feel 100% better ..


cream caramel cbd you have really suprised me ,and you taste from what taste i have slightly orangey and not at all hempy as my mind thought ..well done @Sweet Seeds-tommy im impressed with the medicinal qualities of this plant .

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Hi Vince!


Thanks for telling us about it. I'm very glad that you enjoyed the aromas but most of all the effect, as what is really important is that you are feeling better ;)


I hope you get to normality soon so that you can keep enjoying your sweets :D


All the best and sweet smokes :yep:



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