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A new member a new project HELP

Hi all hope every one is good an well an I’d like to take this time to  firstly introduce myself 

I’m 80s-lad


so ok here goes 

I thinking of making a return to growing my own as there’s so much shit around it braces my heart 

a lot has changed since I last tested my green fingers (2007)

so advice is what I’m looking for an any would be much appreciated 


so I’ve found me a small space 900mm x 1100mm by 2400 tall 


pots an soil oil is my previous background but my  method has changed drastically  

Ie , feeds have been reformulated (Mother Earth grow an bloom) an soils seem to of been played with (canna terra pro plus) 

which resulted in a lot of what I think to be ph issues on my last venture

so I thinking it time to  introduce my green fingers to the way things work in the future (or that’s how it feels) 


so im after some  suggestions/ideas on a nice simple set up to try/use ie 

soil (if this is advices)




Systems to go in the small space 

I like the way 60/40 sounds (drip,Wilma) but have very limited hydro knowledge 

so im open to an advice an it would need a lot 


i have a few bits to build my room 

600watt light  (spudnik air cooled shade)

Limatek ballast  

Sunmaster 600watt Metal HalId an a 600watt osram sun t 

5inch rvk out an 4inch rvk in 

an climavator controler (think the controller needs updating) aswell as a 5inch Carbon filter


my room will be finished very soon so any ideas please get involved 









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Hi mate welcome! I wanted something simple whilst picked up knowledge also, link to my grow in my signature.


Using terra pro plus, terra vega/flores, ph test it and feed every 2 days in 10L pots working lovely! 


Good luck with your grow :smokin:

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Hi cheers for dropping in

Can I ask what your ph is ? 

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On 13/01/2019 at 6:55 PM, 80s-LAD said:

Hi cheers for dropping in

Can I ask what your ph is ? 


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23 hours ago, 80s-LAD said:


sorry didn't see this.


Aiming for anywhere from 6.1-6.4 they take up different levels at different ph's so doesn't bother me to have a small bit of fluctuation!

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