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old timer

Hi all ,

I am 75 years old living with advanced prostate cancer and now find myself unable to supply myself with the herb that is so beneficial for my well being , due entirely to a malicious neighbour who brought the police to my door , not because of my growing , but because of a parking problem that drove me to being provoked to the extreme duress of circumstance and forced me to call a spade a spade which resulted in my being awarded with a yellow card followed by an anti social behaviour notice . I was 50 years old when I was first introduced to the herb , it was on the 5/4/94 , the worst day of my life , the day that my 22year old son died , my sister in law gave me a bottle of whisky which I downed in one go with zero effect , it was only when a friend gave me some of his herb that I realised the power of this medication .

I continued to supply myself with medication from that date until just over 12 months ago when the police came knocking.

I can honestly say that the herb has saved my life on two occasions , the second being the after affects of radio therapy treatment and hormone therapy which left me in a suicidal state due to sleep deprivation due to  never ending night sweats . the cure for this which also restored my sleep pattern didn't come from the big pharm but from my own concoction of oil , not this cbd rubbish that is now sold legally . £20 a thimble full which does no good at all . I have now been reduced to spending a fortune with all the legal concoctions that claim to induce sleep but I remain awake night after night .

I will not deal with the street as I have until recently supplied myself with the best quality herb and nothing else will do.


Thank you all , I hope this helps someone.

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Welcome sir, I feel for you & wish you the best. Cancer is an evil cruel disease & I hope you find a way to at least to be as comfortable as possible.


I am curious how a parking problem got the police in your home to find your grow? Even antisocial crimes do not constitute for a home invasion search do they? We're there weapons involved? 


I'm sure that this isn't the case & I know that you haven't directly asked for any herbs here, but your wording could be taken as that you are hoping for something, which would be breaking site rules I'm afraid.


Here at UK420 is all about a social way of helping others to be self sufficient by advice, there is absolutely zero anything that constitues dealing here & zero donations. Only good solid educational advice, with members who have medical conditions discuss with each other what personally works for them & what doesn't.


I heard some years ago about certain other internet groups who work on donations which they then help those in desperate need of medication for serious conditions such as your own. Maybe someone more knowledgeable could point you in the best direction? You won't find that here though, sorry.


I hope you can get the help you need my friend & I wish you the best.


Peace :yinyang:

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4 hours ago, georgemason said:

I have now been reduced to spending a fortune with all the legal concoctions




If this is prescription, you can pay in advance and bring the price right down. Doesn't make sense for just one script a month, minimum is about 10 pound and some change as DD, but you get the code to use as soon as you apply.



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Hey man as fellow chronic pain sufferer this wouldn't stop me continuing to grow.


The law regarding cannabis means nothing to me. I grow for myself because  nothing else can help with the pain.


If you were dealing it's a different debate  but if your situation is as described it would be a idiotic judge to jail you at 75 years old with cancer.





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Tommy Chong successfully treated his prostrate cancer with cannabis but, of course, not by just smoking it:hippy:



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