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Upgrading from £40 vape to £200+

Right so I’ve discovered I love vape life. How ever my cheaper £40 one is a right mission to clean, high maintenance.


so I have some questions. How much is different on a more expensive one? What will I gain for my money investment? 

A better high? More efficient usage of the weed? Easier to clean and reload? 

Whats the best money can buy and why? Recommendations please. 

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Salutations Andres Salvator,


3 hours ago, Andressalvator said:

What will I gain for my money investment?  ...  Whats the best money can buy and why?


Although it's true in principle a vaporizer shall pay for itself its reality may prove being less than ideal.  For example, i initiated myself to vaporism using an HerbalAire v2.1 starting on February 15, 2011;  experienced my 1st cannabis-related allergy-like symptoms 6 months later then realized i prefered a VaporGenie pipe which i failed to operate in 2012 then decided to reconfigure until satisfied.  Such DIY solution added to my 2011 budget by the hundreds as i required a dozen pipes before it finally felt "On Spot", resolution was only found at the cost of a ~5 years quest.  In essence it boils down to Inlet Water Potentializing my Release/Transport Agent in Micro-Bursting consumption/ritual mode, euh...  That's a couple thousand Cannuck bucks and 7 years overall.


But i'll keep repeating the same answers again while i guess we all need to walk the path by ourselves, alone no matter what the cost, because it's about your path now.


I can only advise to question diverse/multiple aspects such as Baking from thermostatic Hot Dry Air Ovenizers, à la Volcano/Arizer for example, etc.  After all the "CHEAT" behind cheesy hits results from also exploiting vegetal substrates on top of mother Nature's noble trichomes.  Etc., etc.  Throwing money at a fundamentally flawed concept won't help fix it's issues i'm afraid, but it will keep busy for a long while, until eyes open.  Not to mention there's a lot of fake newbies around to keep advertising some favourite strademarks...


Good day, have fun!!  :hippy:

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Ice bong 


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Portable or otherwise ?


Ive found Arizer Solo II easy to use and very easy to clean. Very portable, total temperature control but can start to burn your herb at higher temps. 


IMO ice cools down vape too much and you loose some of it as it condenses on the ice.  

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I never really got on with my ariza solo, I use a glass bulb crack pipe for vaping instead gives a much more satisfying hit imo, just don’t leave it lieing around it looks abit iffy lol 

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Portable, for the record. Portable 

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More money tends to equal better flavour. But not always. Not much difference in the efficiency or high IME - and I've tried a LOT of vapes (I mean a LOT). Some very good cheap units around and most certainly some very shit expensive ones. What are you vaping? Dry herb?

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Dry herb. 


From my own research I’m torn between the Mighty by stokes and bickel, or the Utlillian 721....leaning towards the 721 due to size and discreeter look 


convection types I’m told are best. 

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I got an Ariser air as my first vape last week and its class (109 quid).  In fact I like the convection / glass pathway / ceramic heater combo so much I've brought a desktop cloud evo with a calyx head now too.  I've not regretted either purchase, hard to see how anything will top them (maybe a mighty and a flowerpot?).


The Evo takes about 0.1g of weed, the Air less.  Both get me higher and better stoned than the bong did, using less weed too.  Both handle herbs and solids, are easier to clean and reloading is simple.


Air: Pros: Stealthy as fuck, doesnt even smell much. The taste.  The high.  You can use it plugged in.  Very easy to clean (the original mouthpiece anyway)

Cons: Cotton mouth if you use it all day.  Battery life.  Both of which I suppose apply to most vapes, and you can get mini bubblers too anyway.


@Breezus Both these vapes piss all over my ice bongs for so many reasons - and that had been my preferred method for years.

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