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Opinions on adding extra CF

Posted (edited)

Hi All,


I would very much appreciate input on the following....


Im at week 4 flowering silver haze in a 2.4x1.2x2m tent.   One 600 hps in the middle, 2 x 315 cmh either side.   I also have 2 red spectrum 250cf's I could add.    It would be a bit of hassle in that I'd need some light hangers and extra extensions, plus it obviously puts up the electricity bill.  I know any extra light helps with yieid and Im sure I read a range of lighting types helps with quality too?  But with them being compact fluros with limited output Im wondering if they would make a significant/noticable difference to yield and or quality?   

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I would say minimal, if any difference at all yield or quality wise. Not worth the running costs or hassle of them potentially blocking out a better light source imo :hippy:


Good supplement lights in micro style grows if you already own them. You'd probably double check they are switched on in your tent :smokin:


I am in no way assuming anything, but worth baring in mind that unless everything is absolutely perfect environment wise.. extra light can often be costly as the plants just don't/can't use it :yinyang:



A couple of pence worth, good luck in your adventures. 



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